My Fab Five Olympic Gymnast

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Happy Halloween!¬†I had to share Emma’s costume this year, a USA Fab Five Olympic Gymnast.

I was proud of myself because I am not a DIY sort of gal, but after finding this DIY tutorial on how to make it on This Mama Makes Stuff, it was actually pretty easy! Thank you for the tips Carrie!

It is the perfect costume for her because all she does in her free time these days is gymnastics. If you happen to meet her in person, I do not recommend standing behind her as she is known to bust out spontaneous cartwheels and handstands without notice.

We have actually had to have talks about how doing cartwheels in the aisles of Target is not safe for innocent bystanders.

This costume ALMOST makes me like Halloween a little. For those of you who missed my post last year, here are 5 reasons I don’t like Halloween. That post still makes me laugh, especially your comments.

Have a happy and safe Halloween! Tell me your reasons for either loving or hating Halloween!


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  1. 1
    Kristal says:

    So cute! Our girls would get along so well. I feel like all Ella wants to do outside involves some upside down gymnastics move these days. Happy Halloween!

  2. 2

    Kristal, we have to set up a play date!! Happy Halloween! What are your kids going as this year?

  3. 3
    Susanne says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  4. 4
    gonyeo says:

    cute costume! i have my very own gymnast that does the same as yours … she eats, breathes and sleeps gymnastics ….. love your post from last year … tbh, we don’t *do* halloween … i don’t see anything to celebrate …. =)

  5. 5
    Lara says:

    You did a great jo with the cotume! Very creative! My niece is Kyla Ross one of the members of the the Fab five and I have to show her this she will get a kick! Send me your address and I can send your daughter a autograph pic for her. I have followed your blog for two years now and love it to piecies.

  6. 6
    jen says:

    Are you kidding me?!?! A picture of Kyla Ross???? My daughter is going to go CRAZY!! Thank you so much! I am emailing you now!!!!! xoxo

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