10 Ways to Help a New Mom

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I saw this post from Nice Girl Notes linked on Facebook and I loved it so much I had to do a feature on her 10 ways to help a new mom.

If you are like me and have been out of the newborn world for some time, it is easy to forgot what new moms really need when that little one arrives. However, the one thing I do know they need is HELP.

What is one way a friend or family member helped you when you were a new mom? ¬†What do you like to do to help other new moms? I will start the conversation in the thread below. Please share so we can compile our own list…


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    One of my girlfriends brought me over a new pair of pajamas when I go home from the hospital, which I loved because it was such a thoughtful gift. Something to make me feel a tad more human!

    Pre-made dinners were also a huge help. When working on no sleep, the last thing you want to think about is what’s for dinner.

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    melissa says:

    Best post and link! I really appreciated help setting up the breast pump so I offer the same if needed in addition to meals.

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    Hollie says:

    I agree with the meals! My friends used a website called Food Tidings. Friends and family can login online and sign up for a day to bring your family a meal. It was wonderful and one less thing to worry about. My mother-in-law helped out with the cleaning/laundry which was great too!!

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    Susanne says:

    My In-Laws watched my newborn (she was about 2 weeks) and I went shopping for a few hours (spanned a feeding) and I remember it made me feel like I was myself again. It was so nice to just have a few hours of freedom after feeling so overwhelmed in the beginning…

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    Lisa says:

    Just reading this post gave me the shivers. The newborn phase is SOOOO difficult. I remember telling Scott (my husband) that I had to get out of the house. It was cold outside and I put on a big jackets, drove to Fashion Island, got a Starbucks coffee and just walked around in the cold air. Alone. I will never forget that evening. From that moment on, I made sure that I “took” time for myself. So, I agree with Susanne above. Give a Momma a couple of hours to spend alone. That is priceless.

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    Caroline says:

    Definitely offering to watch the baby/kids so mom can go out and have some alone time is a big help. Friends and family brought me dinner and some helped with the dishes which was so appreciated! Sometimes just having someone come over to my home to visit so I could have some adult company without having to get myself and kids ready and out of the house was wonderful.

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    I also think having adult company is so nice. A reminder that life is still somewhat “normal” …

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