Decorating Ideas for a 6 Year Old Girl’s Room

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[Photo credit: Tankersley Photography]

Welcome to design reveal post 2 of 3 on decorating ideas for a six year old girl’s room ~  or what we now affectionately call the “Pink Palace.” This pink and white girl’s room doesn’t get much girlier. It is so her and she LOVES it. I do too. I almost wish I could move in there!

To get you up to speed on this home design project, last summer we redid three of our bedrooms, which all started with the girls’ new Serta iSeries mattresses and the desire to re-do their rooms for the next phase of their life.

It was too much of a project for me to get my head around, so I called in the help of local OC interior designer for families, Shanna from MFE Designs and the blog to help.

You can click this link to see the transformation she did to create the most amazing modern, un-girly, fun blue and green room for my three year old daughter, my first reveal.

Now we are on to Emma’s room, my six year old, who now as a first grader is more girl than little girl. Shanna asked us what we wanted out of her room to which I answered:

1. Storage…  

…storage, and more storage. I wanted to get the bulk of the girls’ toys out of our great room and into their rooms so we could reclaim our living space again after 6 years of looking at ugly plastic toys.

2. Room for imaginary play.  

She loves Barbies, dolls, playing school, etc. so I wanted a cozy area where she could play with her friends in her room.

3. Photos of family and friends.

She is very much into her girlfriends, so I wanted lots of spaces to display pictures so her space was truly her own.

4. Clothes organization.

Like Morgan’s room, I wanted to have a way to organize her clothes in a more efficient way.

5. Barbie Dream House Solution.

I never wanted to see the Barbie Dream House in my living room again so I asked Shanna to find a way to bring it into her room!

Now the BEFORES!

Emma moved into our former guest room, which was a beach themed room we decorated about seven years ago and due for a major update. The guest room will be the next reveal!

The first thing we did was tear down the seagrass wallpaper and my husband put up a DIY paneling job on the lower half of the wall.

Next, we replaced our carpet flooring with hardwood, which we love. It completely transformed the look and feel of the bedrooms and hall.

Here was our former guest room (Emma’s new room):

And the AFTERS!

Behold the Pink Palace – a six year old girl’s dream room! Visit Shanna’s blog for the complete sourcing on this room.

[Photo credit: Tankersley Photography]

To say we love it is an understatement. I love how Shanna used the space under the white bed frame for cute storage baskets. One is for her stuffed animals, one is for Barbie clothes and accessories, and one is for play school gear.  The deal on this bed was so good, we had to use them in both girl’s rooms.

[Photo credit: Tankersley Photography]

Shanna took a photo I pinned on Pinterest of a canopy bed look, and created our own subtle canopy effect by having a piece of wood custom made and then hanging sheers from either side.  I adore how it turned out. Princess-y without being TOO princess-y. But who are we kidding, it’s princess-y!

This vanity is something I never would have thought of, but it is so useful for her hairbrushes and accessories. I also love that we are able to display so many of her photos with friends under the glass top. Shanna made it extra cute by making a little seat cover for the chair to match the bedding and tie it into the design.

[Photo credit: Tankersley Photography]

[Photo credit: Tankersley Photography]

Opposite her bed, Shanna created a wonderful, and functional space with this cube shelf, where the cubes are used to store the Barbies, My Little Ponies, and books.  I love the little girl’s headband display for her headbands, a great way to keep them organized.  Plus, easy to see all of them.

Next to the cubes is a fun board she can write on with washable pens to play school. And of course, what girl’s room isn’t complete without a dress up box?

[Photo credit: Tankersley Photography]

And now, please allow me to show you my TWO favorite aspects of this new design that I love so much I could almost cry. For real.

The closet is made up of two sections, more than we needed for her clothes, which fit easily in the other section, so Shanna took the Barbie Dream House and put it IN the closet, out of sight, easily concealed, and  taking up zero space. Best. Idea. Ever. We put it up on a shelf so the Barbie cars even have their own underground parking.

[Photo credit: Tankersley Photography]

And the second idea for a hamper system, which is sheer brilliance.  Shanna took two white pillowcases and made them into custom behind the door hanging hampers!  By taking the same fabric to tie in her bedding, they fit with the design, look cute, but take up ZERO space. Again, brilliant.

Even better, after the fact, I took them to a local embroidery shop and had them embroidered with “Lights” and “Darks” so that she can sort her laundry before putting it in the hamper.  My little one has the same hampers in her room.

I can’t tell you how much easier it makes doing laundry when the kids’ clothes are already pre-sorted! LOVE!!!!!!!!!

Shanna is an interior designer who I met through blogging and her blog

She has gone back to her designer roots after having three girls under 3 years and is taking on clients specializing in family living spaces and children’s bedrooms.

Having three little ones herself, believe me mamas, she knows exactly where you are coming from!

Shanna blew my mind and our expectations with this fun girly pink and white design.  Girly, but more grown up for my six year old.

Look out for the reveal of our guest room makeover. Post coming next week! Stay tuned!

For a complete sourcing list or to contact Shanna, visit


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  1. 1
    Leslie says:

    Yet another amazing room makeover! I think I need to call Shana for some help.

  2. 2

    She is nothing sort of magic!

  3. 3
    namaste2you says:

    We’re contemplating a new room for our kids…love this!!

  4. 4

    So glad! Make sure to check Shanna’s blog for the sourcing on stuff. She did so many things inexpensively, like IKEA, etc. and it came together so beautifully without spending a gazillion dollars!

  5. 5
    julie says:

    We are just starting a little reno on our 6 year olds room we already have the same bed just need some insight! this is prefect great idea for the barbie house!! will be doing the same thing! and getting some storage solutions from Ikea will make my life easier!! thanks for the ideas!!

  6. 6
    Amber says:

    WHERE is the BED from?? I can’t for the life of me find where it says she bought it from. Please and thank you!!

    • 7
      jen says:

      IKEA! It was only $89! I don’t know if they have it anymore, but it was a STEAL and has held up great!

  7. 8
    Sherry says:

    Where did you find the adorable vanity?

    • 9
      jen says:

      Sherry – It’s at Ikea!

  8. 10
    Chris says:

    None of the links to the person who helped you and all her info on the room work 🙁 Love what you did and with a 4 & 7 yr old sharing a room, some of your ideas here are being incorporated!

  9. 11
    Sheila says:

    Love everything about that pink room!!@

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