Macy’s Believe Campaign 2012

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The Macy’s Believe Campaign 2012 is making wishes come true this holiday season with our help. This is one of my favorite holiday traditions for kids.

Every year I bring my girls to mail their Santa letters at Macy’s in their magical oversized red Santa mailbox. For every letter Macy’s receives, it will donate $1 to the  Make-a-Wish Foundation up to $1 million dollars, and if you mail it on National Believe Day 2012, which this year will be on Friday, 12/14, they will double their donation!

Here is how it works:

1. Write a stamped letter to Santa and address it to “Santa at the North Pole.” Click here if you want to create a letter on the Macy’s site (so cute!) You can also write your letter at the store, as they have stationery there. Just remember your stamps!

2. Go to Macy’s and find Santa’s mailbox to drop it in. Click here to locate a Santa’s mailbox at a Macy’s near you.

3. Macy’s will deliver them to the post office to mail to Santa.

And here is a little video of my girls mailing their letters last year at the Macy’s in Fashion Island. Such a fun Christmas outing for kids! I seriously love this Macy’s Believe Campaign.


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