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The Gift Wrapping Queen, an OC Gift Wrapping Service, is here to provide busy mamas with the gift you can give yourself this busy holiday season, affordable gift wrapping done for you.

Now I know that there are probably many of you who love wrapping gifts and relish in affixing every single bow.

But for those, like me, who get stressed about finding the kid-free time to do it, this is a dream come too. It seems like the only time of day I can actually get to wrapping is at 9pm at night, and by that time, I am essentially passed out with exhaustion. But enough about me.

If you find yourself in the same position, Lauren (aka. the Gift Wrapping Queen) is here to help.

I have known Lauren for seven years ~ she is darling and trustworthy. I can personally vouch for her, and when leaving your gifts with someone you do not know, having a level of trust is important.

With a passion for gift wrapping, her goal is to help take a little of the burden off you this season.

Offing affordable prices and quick turnaround, those gifts will be wrapped and ready to stick under your tree in no time. And with all the time you save, may I suggest you treat yourself to a manicure in the meantime? You deserve it.

Contact Lauren at giftwrappingqueen@gmail.com for more information.

Happy holidays!


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