Looking for Contributing OC Writers

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I am looking for contributing OC writers to write posts on a regular basis ~ could that be you?

And when I say “writer,” an English degree is not required. Neither is prior experience.  I am looking for local moms with a passion for sharing finds with friends.

For example…

Do you…

…love to write as a hobby or for a creative outlet?
…love exploring OC with your kids and sharing finds with friends?
…love a particular aspect of parenting (i.e. crafts, party ideas, organization, etc. etc.) and want to share your tips with moms?
…love sharing personal experiences with parenting and/or things you have learned and start meaning conversations with moms?

 Job requirements

I am looking for someone that can commit to 2 – 4  posts / month to start with potential for turning into more.

There is a small payment per post. Not something that will fund lavish vacations, but a little extra cash to help fund latte habits or trips to Target.

And, there is serious potential for super cool perks as far as products and experiences if interested.

Writers need to be fairly savvy on the computer and available for an approximately 2 hour in-person training session.

If you are interested, send me an email to jennifer@tinyoranges.com and tell me a little about yourself and your ideas for the types of posts you would be interested in submitting.

Thanks mamas!!!


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