DIY Yarn Wrapped Valentine’s Wreath

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This DIY Yarn Wrapped Valentine’s Wreath is a sweet guest blog by local OC mom, Lisa, to give your entry a little reminder that love is in the air this month. Here are the DIY instructions on how to make a yarn wrapped holiday wreath:

Supplies Needed:

Straw wreath (you can find them at Hobby Lobby for 3 dollars)

Two colors of yarn



Hot glue gun

Holiday decor of your choice

I wanted to go with a candy cane wreath because I love them and the little things they represent. Here’s a great yarn wreath tutorial from Knock-Knocking, a true artist and professional yarn wreath wrapper.


Basically, just wrap the wreath in yarn, she says to wrap it in batting or linen before, which I forgot…so I got straw everywhere. Try not to let your son eat it. Or just some.

Cut felt flowers by cutting large circles (trace a bowl/cup/candle) into spirals.

Roll up the spirals starting in the center, as you roll you can twist the end half to add some dimension. Hand-sew the rose as you go.

Hot glue those puppies to the wreath.

Now this would have been been fitting for Christmas, but since it’s the season of love, I’m going to add some Valentine touches.

I chose some birdies, painted them pink, put them on skewers, and just stuck the skewers in the flowers. I also made some felt bunting. These little decorations can be easily removed next Christmas.

Hang on your door!

Thanks Lisa! Such a cute project and a fun way to decorate your home for Valentine’s Day. Do you have any favorite Valentine’s Day DIY crafts? Please comment below! xo


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