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Last Saturday I organized a fundraiser for my daughter’s Daisy Scout troop for our PCRF Run/Walk team.

A friend of mine (who happens to be a room mom extraordinaire) had tipped me off to a free service she uses called www.VolunteerSpot.com which allows you to make an online signup sheet for volunteers to sign up to do a task or bring an item.


I used VolunteerSpot for the first time organizing our fundraiser and it made organizing a charity event like this SO easy.

Here’s how it works:

1. Organizer plans an event and puts the event in the calendar.

2. Organizer schedules items to do or to bring.

3. Send out your online sign-up sheet to your list of invitees.

4. Invitees log in with their email and sign up for what they want to do.

5. A reminder is automatically sent to each participant with their list of sign-ups a few days prior to the event.

This means no more “reply all” emails and it saved me a ton of time from having to track personally who was going to bring what.

I literally had my event planned and sent out in under an hour, from there, the rest was a piece of cake, literally (we were having a bake sale!)

So, for all you room moms, den moms, Girl Scout troop leaders, MOMS Club leaders, charity organizers, church groups, team moms, seriously, this site will save you hours of time. Check it out!



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    Thanks for the great review of VolunteerSpot – you made my day! I was a Daisy Leader when I came up with the idea for VolunteerSpot and am thrilled the app helped you organize parents for your Troop’s Run/Walk. Your girls and community are lucky to have an involved mom like you!

    We’ve got your back for all the GOOD work you do!

    ~ Karen

    Karen Bantuveris
    Founder, VolunteerSpot

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    Jen says:

    Karen! Thank you so much for commenting! I absolutely LOVE your site – what an amazing gifts to moms! It seriously saved me so much time. Xoxo Jen

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