Far Infrared Sauna Body Wrap at Dantian Studio

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This post is a review of an OC infrared sauna body wrap I recently experienced at Dantian Studio in Costa Mesa, one of Tiny Oranges juicy sponsors.

Dantian Studio offers both a far infrared sauna as well as the far infrared body wrap for those in OC looking to sweat out some toxins. Before I tell you about my treatment, let me tell you a little story about why I needed this so badly.

The other morning we were running a little late for school (again) and in the flurry of  “Why aren’t you in the car? Where’s your school bag?  Why aren’t you getting buckled?”  I spilled my coffee all over, splashing my clothes on a day I had actually taken a shower before school and actually gotten dressed in real people clothes.

Next thing I know as we are pulling out of the driveway my daughter’s school bag somehow falls forward and into my green smoothie (breakfast). This bag is NOT clean. I had some wipes somewhere at the bottom of the abyss that is the passenger side floor of my car so I was able to salvage her bag, but it had touched my smoothie and contaminated its goodness. So, what did I do? I drank it.

Time for mommy detox.

I had been to a traditional infrared sauna place before but had never heard of a far infrared sauna body wrap, and I was very excited to try it out!  The Dantian Studio experience is centered around health and wellness and this treatment focuses on both of those things.

The far infrared sauna body wrap at Dantian Studio in OC is a serene spa experience.

I was given a plush towel wrap to put on in a cozy room and once situated on the bed, I was wrapped a layer of plastic and then the far infrared wrap over that. I was told if I started to feel a little warm I could remove my arms (which I did a few times).

On a bedside table just to my right was a yummy smelling cold wash cloth, a glass of chilled water and my cell phone.

Jaime (the owner of Dantian Studio) gave me the number to the front desk and said to call if it got to be too much for me.

She did a great job of explaining how it would go: the first 15 minutes I would think, this is relaxing, by 30, I would start to feel very warm, by 30-45 minutes I would be getting quite sweaty and hot and for the last 15 I would feel ready to get out. And she hit the nail on the head!  Knowing what to expect made it easier and more relaxing.

I was scheduled to leave for a wedding in Cabo a couple of days later- so I was thrilled to learn that just a half hour treatment can burn up to 600 calories!  And let me tell you I believe it because I was sweating in there, like, a lot, from everywhere, and it felt good!

After it was over I felt amazing. I took a refreshing cool shower in their tranquil private bathroom with all of their divine products to sample and my skin felt so soft and smooth.

Here’s how Dr. Oz explained the technology in his show on High-Tech Ways to Extend Your Life:

“It makes the same rays that come from the sun and filters out the UV radiation, so it only gives you the infrared radiation.  That radiation that’s infrared goes a little bit into your skin so, without heating you up and the external environment too much, it heats the body up.”

“It gets your heart to beat faster, and it burns calories,” Dr. Oz says.  “It raises your metabolism a little bit, and also when you sweat, you sweat out the toxins through the skin.”

On the wellness side it can aid with aches, pain, increase circulation, and encourage healing of damaged tissue.

Talk about a detox, I’m sure after that treatment all the yuckiness from my daughter’s school bag was literally left on the spa room bed.

Dantian Studio offers individual sessions, packages of 10 and monthly memberships. Click here for pricing.

[Disclosure: Dantian Studio is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor and I received this treatment complimentary to facilitate this hot review.]


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  1. 1
    christine says:

    i tried this and LOVED it! it was so relaxing that i actually fell asleep… can’t remember the last ‘mid-day nap’ i’ve taken! thanks for the rec tiny oranges 🙂

  2. 2
    Jen says:

    Love that you loved your experience! I loved mine too, felt very relaxing and like I was purging my body of toxins! I loved it! Thanks for sharing…

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