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This post is full of Dr. Seuss 1st birthday party ideas from a mom who recently hosted a Seussical birthday party for her son’s 1st birthday. The ideas are sooo cute I am excited to share. Here is what she wrote…

Dr. Seuss 1st Birthday Party Ideas

I’ve been wanting to do a Dr. Seuss themed first birthday for my son since about a month after he was born.

Dr. Seuss stuff isn’t easy to find in stores so I got most things online. The night before his party however, I found that Jo-Ann’s Fabrics sells Dr. Seuss school supplies for teachers, which came in handy for my party.

I had A Sweet Life Photography in Upland California photograph a Dr. Seuss themed cake smashing session to be used for the invitation.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Invitation

I used those photos for the invitation as well as decoration at the party.  I found this fun invitation on

Dr. Seuss Theme Party Decor

The decor is always my favorite part of a party! I usually have one main focus table that I go all out on.

My whole house is stucco on the outside with metal posts and I have found that it’s very hard to hang anything for parties (banners, etc.) so I asked my husband to hang a piece of thin plywood, which took two screws that I can later use for all my parties (you can’t really see the two little holes when the wood is down), and I covered it in material by using a staple gun.

This board made it easy to hang the banners, pictures and fluffy tissue balls from.

The frames I got from Michaels and are a very thin wood that I spray painted red.

The Happy Birthday banner I bought off of

Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake and Desserts

Also on this table were the cake, cookies, smash cake and Mini Cupcakes which were made by out of Chino.

 I also found these fun little personalized blocks on that were Dr. Seuss as well and they have the whole alphabet on them so we can use for play too.

Dr. Seuss Party Favors

For the party favors, I went with the “make your own” idea.

I had Dr. Seuss pencils, mini books, bouncy balls, Sippy cups, party hats, suckers, bubbles and a jar of little toys.

I provided empty goody boxes and the kids filled them up with what they wanted.

In our entry, I had a Happy Birthday to You! Dr. Seuss book with a message on a dry erase board from Jo-ann’s that asked our guests to please write a message to the birthday boy in the book.

 The balloons were from Where’s the Party in Costa Mesa.

We have a “message board” on one of our cabinet doors that I use to decorate for parties.

For this party I had printed all the photos of the birthday boy I had taken of him throughout the year on my Instagram account using Printstagram.

Above the drink table I hung the month banner.

This banner I made from scrapbook paper and Dr. Seuss Hat die cuts that I found at Jo-Anns.

There is one picture for each month of my baby’s first year. I’ve always loved this idea because they change so much in the first year that its fun to look at.

The plates and napkins I got from


The centerpieces on the tables I made by using red sand buckets from Party City.

I filled them with sand and put red and white paper shred on top so you can’t see the sand.

I bought some Dr. Seuss bulletin board school supplies from Jo-ann’s and attached a little wood stick to them, decorated with cute ribbon and then stuck them in the sand.

The linens, tables and chairs were all rented from Baker Party Rentals in Costa Mesa.

The birthday boy wore a customized shirt ordered from that had the word ONE in Dr. Seuss fabric sewn on it.

His bigger brother also wore a Dr. Seuss t-shirt from


I decorated his high chair with balloons and a banner with some ribbon. He decided to decorate it with cake! This is my little family.


Thank you so much for sharing all your Dr. Seuss 1st Birthday Party Ideas! AMAZING! I hope this has given anyone who has landed on this page looking for Dr. Seuss party ideas some great inspiration to get you going.

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  1. 1
    Susanne says:

    Absolutely LOVED this Post- what an adorable party!

  2. 2
    Jen says:

    Dr. Seuss is such a cute birthday party theme for a boy or girl! Loved all these personal touches,
    especially the blocks!!!

  3. 3
    Michelle Greening says:

    What a talented and creative lady! I think she is on to something!

  4. 4
    andrea phelps says:

    I have looked at a lot of dr. Seuss party ideas online, and I have to say this by far one of my absolute favorites! Wonderful ideas I will most definitely be swiping. Lol. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

  5. 5
    Aly says:

    Hi where did you purchase the books hanging banner on the cake table? Thank you 🙂
    Or if you made it how did u make it?

  6. 6
    Stephanie says:

    This is the most adorable Dr. Seuss party I’ve seen yet. I’m going to throw one for my son’s 1st Birthday next month. I was wondering where you got the red and blue cups with the crazy straws?

  7. 7
    Kris says:

    I love this!! I have been able to find most of the items 🙂 I am having a hard time finding the little boys birthday hat that he’s wearing in the pictures. Anyone know where I can get it? Thanks!!

  8. 8
    Meagan says:

    Love these ideas! What did you use to hang the fabric? Thank you!

  9. 9
    Lacey says:

    I’m sorry for not responding to questions, I hope I’m not too late! @Aly I purchased the banner from etsy, however it would be super easy to make. You can buy lots of those book cover cards at either staples or Joanne’s in the teaching section. And each one was hole punched and tied together with ribbon.

    @stephanie I’m probly too late but I got them at Party City.

    Kris that party hat came in a pack of 10 or 12 and I got them at Where’s the Party in Costa Mesa.

    • 10
      janell says:

      For your centerpieces were the bulletin board figures doublesided? Also wondering if you could see the stick glued on to the back of the figures. Or if you glued two together and put the stick in the middle. love, love, love everything.

  10. 11
    Lacey says:

    @Megan I stapled the fabric to a large piece of plywood and my husband hung the plywood to the wall

  11. 12
    Sonja Bell says:

    My son Sky’s birthday is 5-18-2010..awesome..I am doing a cake smash with my biys this yr and my other son Leoh’s first birthday will be One fish Two fish!! Love your decorations! Awesome party!

  12. 13

    I loved everything about the party. Where did you get the personalized blocks with your son’s name? :Thanks so much.

  13. 14
    Lacey says:

    @Sally I ordered them on Etsy and if you click on where it says personalized blocks it will take you right to the site. 🙂

  14. 15
    Tina says:

    SO CUTE! I can only pray I can find the time & energy to make our party HALF as cute!!

  15. 16
    Sooner says:

    Hello just wondering where did you find the small books from. been looking for them but had no luck. love your decoration.

    • 17
      brooke says:

      Did you ever find the Mni books? I need them for next week:-(

  16. 19

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  17. 20
    Shay says:

    This site is very helpful. Thanks for the great ideas

  18. 21
    Danielle says:

    I cannot tell you enough how awesome it is that you wrote this all up – I even happen to live in your area, so it’s even more perfect for me (trying to throw a Dr Seuss birthday party and I am NOT creative or crafty) – thanks again! Everything is so adorable!

    • 22
      Jen says:

      So happy you found the post helpful! Have fun at your party!!

  19. 23

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