Fiji: It’s Easier Than You Think.

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Have you ever considered a family vacation to Fiji?

A friend of mine, Melissa Pomeroy, is an OC Mom to her 2 year old boy Travis and has her own travel agency called Fiji Vacations. Planning a family vacation to Fiji is easier to get to and more affordable than you might think!

Here’s an interesting little Q+A session with Melissa about the Fijian Islands, tips on flying with a little one, and the Bula Spirit…

How did you get your start in Fiji travel?

Answer:  My parents have always been the couple that traveled to exotic remote places and they went on their Honeymoon to Fiji 42 years ago! They fell in love with the people of Fiji and its natural beauty of the islands. For my father, Mike, an avid free diver and waterman, Fiji was ideal for his interests, boasting over 800 species of hard and soft corals it is like an aquarium.

Both of my parents enjoy the adventure of travel and instilled that in me from a really young age.  

Our family vacation to Fiji became our Hawaii.  

In the spirit of adventure we did not repeat a resort until I was 18 years old.

I was fortunate to travel to Fiji each year and sometimes multiple times in a year and have stayed at every resort in Fiji, most in Tahiti, Tonga and the Cook Islands.

Where I feel that I differentiate from other “travel agents” is that I have experienced the resorts as a guest so I can guide them from a different perspective.

My father ended up partnering with Tavarua and coordinated all of their guest’s travel. He was the exclusive worldwide travel agent for Tavarua for 18 years. So our roots run very deep in Fiji.

I answered my father’s phones in the summer and was allowed to help plan our family vacations so it was something I grew up doing. The internet literally changed the travel industry and my father and I had the idea to expand and we purchased the domain in 1996.

I always helped and worked with my father and eventually took over the Fiji Vacations side of the business in 2001. Fiji is my absolute passion and I love sharing that with people. 

What makes Fiji special?

Answer: Something that is really hard to convey is the feeling you get when you are in Fiji… we call it the BULA SPIRIT, corny as it sounds…

When I land in Fiji I can immediately feel the Fiji vibe take over my body, everybody is so genuinely friendly.  Fiji is a place of kindness, care and raw beauty like no other place worldwide that I have found.

Fiji is my RESET button on life.  

It allows me to clear my brain from all of the stressors and extra-curricular nonsense that take over our lives on a daily basis. Fiji is my peace and I LOVE coming home to Fiji!

Who is your typical customer?

Answer:  We are huge in the couples market, (honeymoons, anniversaries, weddings) but really family travel and multi-generational travel where grandparents are taking the entire family on a vacation is growing at a really rapid pace when people learn how affordable Fiji is.

Fiji is truly cheaper and closer that people think.

When it is all said and done it is cheaper than Hawaii for the 3-5 star markets. Fijians by nature are nurturers and they LOVE kids so traveling to Fiji with kids is a breeze!  I always get a nanny to help and it is less than $5.00/hr. and it is the best care in the world!

How many times has your son Travis (age 2) been to Fiji?

Answer:  Little Travis (or MOOSE as I call him) has been to Fiji already 3 times and we are heading back in November. His first trip to Fiji was when he was only 4 months old and I took him by myself for 10 days.

The flight is 10 hours, or 2 meals and 2 movies as we say!  All flights are direct from LAX, departing at 11pm, arriving at 5 am so you can be having breakfast at the resort of your choice.

Depending on the resort, we coordinate the most seamless transfers whether that be by seaplane, helicopter, speed boat, or inter island flight.

The flights are pretty much a breeze as they are all-nighters so Travis sleeps most of the flight.  Fiji Airways like most International carriers have bassinets for babies that attach onto the bulkhead and zip up in case of turbulence.  That is a real treat otherwise I would wear him in the Bjorn.

My secret thus far has not been to allow him to walk on or off the plane.  I always put him in the Ergo Carrier or carry him, to me it sends the message that he cannot run around and so far it has worked.  

Oh and I bring M&M’s, lots of ’em!

Anything else you think our Readers should know about Fiji Vacations?

The most important thing for the readers to know that all my agents have been to Fiji. They know the destination like the back of their hand.

Each trip is 100% customized to meet the clients individual needs. After talking to the potential client we can help place them in the perfect resort to match their personalities and preferences.


Images courtesy of Fiji Vacations.


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  1. 1
    melissa says:

    So glad you share this. We went as a family when I was only 6 years old and I still remember the trip fondly. I am excited to think I can do the same with my family in the next couple years. I’m not as brave as she is to fly there with a one year old who can’t make a 3 hour flight right now!

  2. 2
    Jen says:

    This destination has always been a bucket list dream of mine, but I never would have thought of taking my kids! Next time we price out a family vacation to Hawaii I am totally going to call Fiji Vacations to check out options. What a cool experience for kids!!

  3. 3
    Heather says:

    Melissa handled my honeymoon and the transportation was seemless (which you need b/c you are usually flying on to another of the 333 islands). All the resorts are expecting you and you feel very welcomed. We look forward to bringing our whole family soon (and taking advantage of that cheap childcare) and know & trust Melissa will help us coordinate the perfect getaway.

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