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All my friends and I are flipping out over this new online price tracking website by our new Sponsor, Scoutfit. The concept is brilliant. So get ready to be introduced to your new favorite past-time – scouting!

What is scouting?

If you see something you want to buy online, but don’t want to or can’t pay the current price, you simply  “scout” it. Then, if the item drops in price you get an email notification based on parameters you set.

For the notifications, you can decide if you want an email anytime there is a price drop, or you can select a target price to be notified if it drops below a certain amount you are willing to pay.

See? Told you it was brilliant! You will want to sign up and start scouting today. Let me tell you how!

How to sign up:

First, click here and enter your email address to get an invitation to join the site. It’s free.

After you get your confirmation email, follow the easy install steps and drag the Scoutfit button to your tool bar. That’s it.

Then you simply go about your merry business online shopping and get ready to “scout” anything that catches your eye. 

Build an online closet of your scouted pieces

When you scout items, you add them to your online closet by category of your choice. I have started building my Fall must-haves (for the right price of course.) Your closet looks like this…FUN!


Email price drop notifications

When the lucky day comes that an item you love drops in price, you will get an email in your Inbox like this. Then you can do a little happy dance, like I did as I was on the way to buy a cute open-front cardi from Gap at 30% less that I originally found it at …


Scout anything online – not just clothing!

Important to note – you can scout ANY item you find online – not just clothes.  That means baby gear, toys, home goods, you name it, if you can find it online, you can scout it and let Scoutfit do the online price tracking for you!

Think how great it would be to start scouting now for Christmas gifts


Find coupons instantly  

When you scout an item, if there is a coupon tab in the bottom right corner, you can click to see any coupons or promo codes the company might be currently offering.

This saves so much time from Googling to see if you can find a coupon online.

Scoutfit Coupons

I hope you are all as excited about Scoutfit today as I am! Happy shopping and saving with this fabulous online price tracking website!

 [Disclosure: Scoutfit is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor. Happy dance. Love them.]


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  1. 1
    Susanne says:

    This idea is so brilliant! I’m slightly obsessing~

    • 2
      jen says:

      I know! I get giddy when I get the emails from Scoutfit that my price has dropped!

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