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LEGO building book for kids

Recently I was contacted with the opportunity to review  a new book called Cool Creations in 35 Pieces, a LEGO building book, by LEGO artist Sean Kenney.

I immediately thought of my 4-year-old nephew, A.J., who at a very young age became a LEGO fanatic. I asked my sister if she would like to put this new book to the test on her LEGO lover, to which the answer was an enthusiastic, “YES.”

Cool Creations in 35 Pieces Review

by Suzanne Burns, mom of a 4-year-old LEGO fan

“I was excited to be able to test out this new LEGO building book by Sean Kenney as I was desperate for some indoor quiet activities while baby brother napped during the last (LONG) week of summer.

My 4-year-old is LEGO crazy so the idea of this book is so smart. Sean re-uses the same 35 pieces to make a variety of images in all different categories.


When starting out, the first thing you do is find these 35 pieces in your own Lego collection. If you don’t have them, you can also order from his website.

I love this because you don’t need the specific piece with the suggested colors ~ but you can mix it up with what you have available. Done…here’s what we dug up!

LEGO pieces for Lego Building Book
Then, let the building begin!

It is separated into sections of robots, silly faces, vehicles, farm animals, etc. And with 35 pieces, the steps are very simple for a 4-year-old to complete on his own. Heaven!!

I actually told him to surprise me with his favorite one and then I went….to shower!! A long shower that wasn’t interrupted through the curtain asking me to find a piece for him or help him when he finish a step.

Over the course of a few days, my little guy kept going back to the book and finding new ones to build.

Here he is in action and with a few of his creations. Most importantly, the Pirate Policeman finally had a giant mouse to ride. I just love to see my kid’s imagination at work!

Lego Building Book
So if you know a Lego fanatic, this would be a perfect birthday or holiday gift at a fantastic price point…only $13!!! It is sure to keep them busy and entertained! We will for sure check out some of his other books in the future!!!”

Sean Kenney is an artist who creates scultpures and models out of LEGO bricks at his studio in New York City. He has toured the world with his creations and produced six inspirational and instructive children’s books. For more info and to see his books and art, visit

[Disclosure: Complimentary copy of Cool Creations in 35 pieces was provided for review. 110% of our opinions are our own. My sister on numerous occasions has remarked on how much she LOVES this book. ]


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    Kim says:

    I just went to the website to purchase this book and it takes you to the amazon link where it is only $7.94. What a bargain!

  2. 2
    jen says:

    Holy guacamole! That is AWESOME!!!!

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