A Spooky Halloween Craft to Do With Your Kids

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Halloween Craft for Kids

Here is a spooky Halloween craft for kids that will help set the mood for holiday fun!

My munchkins love craft time…and this mama isn’t always the craftiest on the block. So, I was super excited to come across this fun Halloween project idea on Pinterest last year – little ghosts made out of your kiddos’ footprints. Last year I made one for each set of grandparents and myself!

There are lots of variations – different Halloween shapes, handprints, footprints, different fall colors, different backgrounds –  but this is how I did this Halloween craft for kids.

I hope you and your little ones have just as much fun as we did!  Are mine professional-looking? Absolutely not. But the kiddos and I had so much fun making them!  Gotta love those little feet!

Halloween Craft Supplies: 

– Orange, yellow and white paint (your choice of brand)

– An orange colored plate (I bought mine from The Dollar Tree) – you can also do paper plates, nice quality white plates, plaques, really any background or palette that you want!  It depends on how you want to arrange the colors.

– Black permanent marker


Phase 1

– Paint your little ones feet with white paint.

– Carefully (I stress, carefully!), have them make their footprint on the plate upside down…make sure that their toes are spread out, so their toes are the ghost’s bottom part.

– Let the footprint(s) dry.

– Once dry, you can take the permanent marker and make eyes on the heel of the footprint (I also added a nose and a smile!) to the ghost’s “face.”  Then, I took the permanent maker and carefully outlined the ghost (you can make the outline as thick or as thin as you want it).  I also added a little more white paint to create a more ghost-looking shape.

– I wrote the year to commemorate the kiddos little feet size.

Phase 2

– Once everything was dried, I took the permanent black marker and evenly spaced out small triangles around the edge of the plate (the “candy corn.”)

– You can also write any Halloween or “spooky” message you want – I added “Happy Halloween” and “Boo!” (see picture).  I’ve seen some that say “Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet!”

– Then I painted yellow on the bottom of each triangle, orange in the middle and white on the top.  Ta da!  Now you have your candy corn.  In whatever pattern on the plate that you want.

– Let everything dry!  And enjoy your new “ghosts!”

NOTE:  These are for display only…not as serving platters or plates!

 What is your favorite Halloween craft or project to do with your kids?  Share below!


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