Cakes in a JAR!

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Cakes in a Jar

Brace yourself for cuteness, as these cakes in a jar by POPCAKERY are one of my most adorable finds of late.

POPCAKERY bakes thousands of fresh cake jars every day and ships them directly from their bakery to your front door so you can add a special touch to any occasion with these yummy bites packaged in individual jars ready-to-eat.

The cakes are sealed for freshness and they are are free of preservatives.

The ideas on how you can use these cakes in a jar are endless. I am thinkin’ birthday parties, baby showers, hostess gifts, holiday gifts, unique party favors, and the list can go on and on.

Then when the mason jars are licked clean, you can even reuse them for your own DIY ideas around the house!

Last week I got a fun delivery of POPCAKERY cakes in a jar delivered to my doorstep so I could experience them for myself.

This is what the Baker’s Choice 6-Pack looks like when you open it up.


Each cake was individually wrapped and packaged in an insulated shipping container for safety in shipping.

POPCAKERY recommends consuming right away for ideal freshness, however, the cakes in a jar will keep for up to 10 days unrefrigerated.

When I started unwrapping each one my girls’ eyes got bigger and bigger and bigger. “What are those?!?” they asked with excitement!

Definitely something my girls had never seen before so I can only imagine what a hit the “Birthday Cake” cake in a jar would be at a child’s birthday party.


Their delicious flavors include Lemon, Birthday Cake, Mocha, Red Velvet, German Chocolate and Double Chocolate.

I could tell these adorable cakes in a jar were not going to last long hanging around the house so we immediately had to sample. Sooooo moist and yummy! Two thumbs up from our family. I have to say, I was really impressed with how fresh they were.

I loved them so much, I decided to give some as hostess gifts for upcoming holiday parties. Aren’t these adorable? Just put in a cellophane bag or gift bag and tie with a personal tag. They would also make a fun gift for kids to give to their friends.


You can learn more about POPCAKERY at Follow POPCAKERY on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for some sweet inspiration. 


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    Anne says:

    I should not have looked at this while hungry! lol I LOVE the idea, though! And yes – keep the jars as drinking glasses after. So cool!

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