3 Super Easy Crock Pot Dinners

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I know we are all super busy this week. Class parties, Christmas shows, teacher gifts, oh my!  My friend Melanie recently shared three super easy crock pot recipes with me, because in busy times, the slow cooker saves me.

Here is what she wrote…

Winter is my favorite season. I love the change in the weather, even if it is just slight!  It always feels like time to bring out the slow cooker for EASY and SIMPLE meals.  Also, we have a few weekdays this fall that are jam-packed. I’ve been trying out some delicious super easy crock pot recipes I’d love to share to save you time and energy!  Sometimes I double the recipe to freeze some for another night.

Salsa Chicken Tacos Crock Pot Recipe

This is so easy but so tasty that my husband asks for it regularly!

1-2 lbs boneless skinless chicken thighs (you can use breasts as well)

1 jar salsa (any kind will work, I am going to try mango salsa next time)

You literally put both items in the crock-pot and cook on low for 8 hours.  Then shred and mix it all up in the crock-pot so the salsa covers the chicken.  Serve with tortillas and taco fixings, beans and rice for a complete meal! Doesn’t get any easier than that, does it?

Drip Beef Crock Pot Recipe 

My friend from the midwest told me about this a few years and then I just saw it again on the Pioneer Woman.

2-4 lb Beef Chuck Roast (the more you make the more leftovers!)

1 jar Banana Peppers (make sure check the spice level, my kids don’t like spicy)

1 cup beef broth

Put in the crock-pot on low for 8 hours.  Serve with bread as sandwiches with salad, or on top of rice or noodles with a veggie.

Carnitas Crock Pot Recipe

Another versatile Mexican recipe your family will love!

Pork Shoulder

Green Salsa

Same idea.  Put everything in the crock-pot and cook on low for 8 hours.  Serve with tortillas or on top of rice.

Then ENJOY your weekday peace with dinner ready when you get home with these super easy crock pot recipes. 


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