The Dailey Method Newport Beach

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The Dailey Method Newport Beach

The Dailey Method, a unique barre studio specializing in ballet barre work, core conditioning, muscle strengthening and yoga is excited to announce the grand opening of the first location in Orange County, The Dailey Method Newport Beach.

One of my old (I mean former) high school friends from San Diego recently emailed me to introduce me to the owner. She wrote to me with such passion, I had to share:

taryn “I wanted to let you know about a new exercise studio opening in Newport Beach.

It is called The Dailey Method and the owner, Taryn Fischermann, has been an instructor at the studio where I take classes here in San Diego.

She is not only a total sweetheart, but a fantastic instructor!!

I have been taking Dailey Method classes for the past two years and I love it!!

I have seen great results and feel stronger than I’ve ever been.

I tried out several barre studios before landing at the Dailey Method.  One of the distinguishing characteristics is that they offer onsite childcare!  It has been a lifesaver for me. The community of women is fantastic as well.  Very supportive and encouraging…” 

What is The Dailey Method?

The Dailey Method is a one-hour barre workout that combines elements of ballet, Pilates and yoga. It was founded 13 years ago by Jill Dailey, a fitness enthusiastic with a degree in kinesiology. The workouts focus on proper alignment, small range of motion exercises with high repetitions to build muscle and stretching to shape and lean out the muscles.

In short, the types of exercises that build beautiful dancer bodies!

Try a Class for Free This Week

Starting tomorrow, January 8th through January 14th, Tiny Oranges readers can try any class for free at The Dailey Method Newport Beach. To sign up, click here, set up a profile with your name and email address, click your class of choice, add the promo code “TinyOranges” and you will be registered to attend the class (subject to availability.)

Grand Opening Party & Free Classes All Weekend 

There will be a grand opening party at The Dailey Method Newport Beach on Saturday, January 11th at 12p. At the event, you can enjoy food, drinks, check out the studio and onsite childcare room. You can also sign up to try out a class for free this weekend! But spots are filling up quickly, I think Saturday’s are almost full, but there are spots on Sunday. Again, click here to register for a free class.

Raffle Prizes

Speaking of these free classes, anyone who takes a free class from the 8th – 12th will be entered into a raffle to win prizes from local sponsors including Spa Gregories and Wild Strawberry Cafe.

Grand Opening Special 


Now through January 15th, for only $125, you can purchase 6 weeks of unlimited classes.

Onsite Childcare

Now the really, really, really good news. The Dailey Method Newport Beach offers onsite childcare in an adjacent room for only $5/child. Kids have to be a minimum of 8 weeks old. Prior registration is required to sign up your kids for childcare; you can do so online.

I love a fitness studio that offers childcare. Moms need that time to focus on themselves and their fitness, and I love that The Dailey Method supports us OC mommies!

For more information visit:

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  1. 1
    Cory says:

    Yay! I know you will love these classes. Jen, thank you for not calling me “old” 🙂 xoxo

  2. 2
    jen says:

    Cory, doesn’t it just feel like it was yesterday when we were celebrating our 16th bdays?! Oh my, 2014 is going to be a big year for the class of 1992! ha!

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