5 Easy Leprechaun Trap Ideas

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Easy Leprechaun Trap Ideas

Top of the morning to you! Today’s post is on easy leprechaun trap ideas. Emphasis on easy. Well, maybe not easy, but doable!

I searched on Pinterest for leprechaun trap ideas that seemed like any family could make. The last thing anyone needs is a Pinterest fail on a trap project.

I was happy to find five easy leprechaun trap ideas that hopefully can be deemed a Pinterest success.

Here are the five ideas, numbered in graphic above along with the how to’s.

1. Rainbow Canister Leprechaun Trap 

This cute rainbow canister leprechaun trap is easy enough for little ones to make and uses materials you might even have lying around the house. I especially love the coffee filters that are used to make the “cloud” on the end.

Click here for the how to.

2. LEGO Leprechaun Trap

I thought this LEGO leprechaun trap would be a cute project for any kids who love LEGOS.  The green stairs make a fun assembly project, and you can do any of a number of different things to use as bait at the top. Plus, gotta love the simplicity of a box decorated with a hole cut out!

Click here for the how to.

3. Popsicle Stick Leprechaun Trap 

This colored popsicle stick leprechaun trap would be right up my daughter’s alley. Anything rainbow colored makes her eyes twinkle.  The craft includes assembling your own popsicle stick box, and filling with tempting leprechaun treats.

Click here for the how to.

4.  Canister Ladder Leprechaun Trap 

This easy canister ladder leprechaun trap can be made using many things you likely already have …oatmeal canisters, coffee canister, etc.  The popsicle stick ladder can be assembled easily by the kids and then any number of items can be used for the bait that can be hung from the stick on top, but I loved that they used a piece of rock spray painted gold.

 Click here for the how to.

5. Rainbow Restaurant Leprechaun Trap 

The Rainbow Restaurant Leprechaun Trap was made by yours truly, a family project for my daughter’s 1st grade class last year. We assembled a “restaurant” out of a cardboard box, the kids painted it green, and then my daughter decorated the outside with rainbows and cut outs from a Lucky Charm box. Inside we had a little cardboard table with a bowl of Lucky Charms and a cup on a string above to use as the trap.

Click here for the how to.

Happy trapping mamas! Have any fun ideas to share? Please comment below!


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  1. 1
    Karen says:

    What a cute round-up! Thanks for including our leprechaun trap. We have shared your post with our readers!

  2. 2
    Lee says:

    Being a Leprechaun trap novice, how is the trap found the next morning? I assume there is no trapped little green man crying for his freedom! Is there a story to tell???? Help please 🙂

    • 3
      jen says:

      I think the trap most often appears as if a little leprechaun made his way in, and somehow escaped, like with things askew, broken, signs that things have been messed with?

  3. 4
    jen says:

    Karen – thanks for the cute idea!

  4. 5

    […] Yep, we are now a family that has a leprechaun trap each year (because apparently, it really is a thing nowadays!). Actually, it’s a pretty fun project to do, especially if you like crafting with your kids.  I kind of fudged it, and started with a Saint Patty’s Day felt hat I found at Michael’s craft store…and just cut a small piece of the top off.  Then I let my daughter figure out a way to “trap” the leprechaun – you can use small toys around the hours, stickers, pipe cleaners, etc..  There’s really not a right or wrong way to make a trap – and if you Google it, there are hundreds of ideas!  Jen actually wrote a great blog all about easy-to-build leprechaun traps! […]

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