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Practical Baby Gifts - The Splat Mat

My sister Suzanne wanted to share one of her favorite baby products today. Here is what she writes…

Struggling with what to get a mom on the arrival of her 2nd, 3rd, etc. baby?? We received the Sugarbooger Jumbo Floor Splat Mat (affiliate link) from a friend after birth of our second boy and it is simply the best invention. Ever.

I am a big fan of practical baby gifts people can really use, and this product fits in that category perfectly.

The Splat Mat is a multi-functional product. First and most importantly, it really helps me attempt to keep the floors clean when feeding messy kids.

It’s also great for messy art products. I especially love it for Play Doh time – just throw it on the table and let the kids go crazy. All you have to do when they are done is fold it up, shake it outside and wipe it down. Genius.

We even used this for pumpkin carving last Halloween and it was perfect. Great price point for an item that will get literally years of use.

At the advice of my friend, I now use the zippered case it comes in as my travel make-up and hair brush bag. See, I was not kidding about multi-use!

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