How to Teach Your Kids to Tie Their Shoes

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How to teach your kids to tie their shoes

This blog talks about how to teach your kids to tie their shoes.  I know there are several tried and true ways (when I was little, I learned the “bunny ears” method), but as usual for my kiddos, teaching through song has been our most successful effort.

We have taught our kids my phone number and their address through songs.

So, is everyone’s beautiful singing voice ready?  Okay, here goes.  This is to the tune of the original “Happy Birthday” song.

Sing to the tune of  “Happy Birthday”

Take a lace and make a loop

Make a circle around the loop

Pull your lace through and under…

Tug and tighten in a bow!

Here’s a video to help you get the tune in your head!

Silly, right?  My little girl giggled through this several times…and then got frustrated with the process (especially the third step of “pulling through the lace”)….then started to get it on her own. And I was rewarded with a BIG smile.

This will take practice, as with everything new.  But my daughter seemed happy to try…and happy to have a song to sing.

Does anyone else have a cool way to teach your kids how to tie their shoes? Please share below!


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  1. 1
    jen says:

    This is such a great idea! Thank you for doing the video – totally helped me get the tune in my head with the words!

  2. 2
    Susanne says:

    What a great Post! My older daughter was so frustrated when I was trying to teach her we had to take a break. Then she came home from school one day, her friend taught her!
    Glad I have this tool for my 5yo.
    Thanks Christy!

  3. 3
    christy says:

    Hi Jen – thanks so much for your encouragement! A very fun blog to write 🙂

    Susanne – thank you!! I hope your 5-year-old has fun trying this! Thanks for the support 🙂

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