Singing in the Rain

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Outdoor Rainy Day Fun

A few weeks ago, Orange County got an oh-so-rare two day rainstorm, so we had the opportunity to partake in some outdoor rainy day fun!  It’s not often you can sail boats in rain water and go puddle jumping in Orange County so it was on my spring bucket list.

I made this spring bucket list intending on staying focused on enjoying the specific season because most times I am more tempted to stay sheltered, and hadn’t even played in the rain since I was a little girl!

So next time it’s raining, don’t be afraid to grab the kids water-proof outer wear, some bathtub toy boats and go outside to squeeze the most out of the spring for some outdoor rainy day fun.

Puddle Jumping

Our courtyard was a perfect spot to puddle jump.

What is more fun as a child than to splash? They loved it! I’m sure if they would have some rain boots, it would have been that much better but opportunities to go puddle jumping in Orange County are rare.

They just wore their good ol’ Crocs!

puddle jumping

Curbside Cruises

Then we sailed our tiny ships in the stream of water against the curb. You could use a paper plate even and fashion it more into a boat, or grab a bath-tub duckie, just find a street with a bit hill for the decline!

“Catch it! Catch it!” they yelled at me, not wanting their boats to get away in the current. I stayed down stream and would pluck the boats as the approached me. The water was so warm, it reminded me of the tropical rain in Hawaii; perfect for play!

toy boats

We spent maybe twenty minutes outside before I made them come in to peel off their damp clothes and change into some fresh dry ones.

For days after, my youngest son would check out the window for rain, and when we went outside he would ask me for “rain!” “rain!” I tried to make him understand I don’t actually control the weather but I’m glad I was able to indulge his curious, playful side during our spring showers.

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    jen says:

    Such a cute post – I really hope we get another good rainstorm before summer! I would never have thought about the bath toys in the “river” – so cute. This last storm, I took my daughter around the block on her tricycle and we stopped at every puddle for her to jump in. The joy on her face was priceless. It really is all about the simple things in life!

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