Declutter Your Life This Spring!

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Easy Ways to Declutter Your Life

Yes, I enjoy spring cleaning. Am I weird?  I LOVE sprucing up our home…cleaning, reorganizing and de-cluttering.  Ahhhhh! Spring just brings this out in me.

You don’t have to do your spring cleaning all at once. It’s too overwhelming when projects are overwhelming there is a good chance it won’t get one.

Just take one task at a time, maybe even just one a week, and by summer you will feel decluttered and fabulous.

Tip #1 – Pick one room at a time.

My husband and I just had this conversation.  We think it will be much easier to take it one room at a time, versus having a massive Spring Cleaning marathon (especially with kiddos).  It’s a lot less overwhelming this way…and we like that we’re not just waiting until the weekend (which is our sacred family time) to clean.

Tip #2 – Tackle your “junk” drawer.

Everyone has one, right?!  When I want to feel cleaning “accomplished,” and I only have a few minutes, I start with my junk drawer.  It’s amazing how much better I feel when it is cleared out.

Tip #3 – Clean up your makeup.

Anyone else out there a makeup junkie?  I have lots of different makeup in lots of different bags.  And multiple makeup brushes.  Spring cleaning is a great time to clean out any old makeup, wipe out your makeup bags, and clean your makeup brushes. I found these great makeup brush cleaning tricks from Pinterest… to be exact.  Check it out!

Tip #4 – Go through closets and dressers.

I scan my closet and drawers…and my kids’ closets and drawers…and grab anything that is too small, too worn, or past it’s “season.”  I bag ’em and donate them. Involving your kids is a great way to show them that their gently loved clothes can go to other kiddos that can still use them and appreciate them.

Tip #5 – Toys, toys, and more toys.

If your kids’ toys are taking over your home (like my kids’ “treasures” are), it’s time to weed out toys that your kids have outgrown…and donate them to others that can enjoy them.  I wrote a blog about great service project ideas to do with your kids – check out #4 in this blog for ideas of how to work with your kids on cleaning out their toys…and how they can help others!

Tip #6 – Clean out your “to-do” pile on your desk or counter.

Paper piles.  Ugh.  Even though I try to stay organized with my stacks of papers, sometimes you just have to take the time to file, recycle or finally get around to doing those “I’ll do them later,” action items. You’ll feel better, I promise!

Tip # 7 – Your car…need I say more?

Hmmm…Cheerios, smushed granola bars, crumbs, toy parts, Kleenex, dried baby wipes, coupons…ugh.  Now’s the time to give the inside (and outside!) of your car a little facelift.  Take out your carseats, vacuum the gross ickys, clean your carseats, and pick up any trash.  Wash the outside of your car (kids love to help!), clean windows, and shine your tires.  Make this a family activity, or simply splurge on a deluxe carwash at your local carwash place.

Tip #8 – Organize your email inbox.

Now’s a great time to clean out – and file – your electronic “to-do’s.”  Today, it seems like everything is online.  So why not take this opportunity to organize, file and clean your email inboxes?  This task may take longer than the others…so I try to spend just 10-15 minutes a day.

Tip #9 – Clean out your pantry and refrigerator.

This is one your kids can get in and help with.  Take everything out, look at expiration dates, and toss anything that needs to be cleaned out. Wipe down shelves, disinfect, and organize the remaining food.

I’ve also found that having a “kid-friendly food” shelf or drawer has been awesome!  I put all of the “nut free” products here that they can have at school.  It makes it so much easier to make snacks, lunches, and even for the kids to “grab and go” themselves.  I’m all about making things easier!

Tip #10 – Get your kids involved.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a punishment!  Turn on the timer, turn on the music, give each kid an age-appropriate job, and everyone pitches in and cleans until the timer beeps.  I explain to my kids that part of being a family is that everyone contributes to taking care of our home.  Most of the time, my kids are happy to each have a “job.”

What are your Spring Cleaning tips?  Do you dread it or enjoy it?
Share your easy ways to declutter your life!


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  1. 1
    Tracy says:

    Childrens art is tough – you feel guilty throwing it away all the time but if you kept it all it would fill your whole house. I found a great app called Artkive. You take a pic of your kids art, and it dates it and you can add a title or the kid’s grade in school. It keeps it for you online forever. You can order books of your kids artwork from artkive or just keep it digital. Great way to keep their art without cluttering your home and feeling guilty about tossing their masterpieces.

  2. 2
    jen says:

    Tracy! That is so funny because Christy did a whole entire previous post on organizing kid’s artwork and also mentioned Artkive! It sounds amazing – I am going to check it out. Thanks for the reminder…

  3. 3
    susanne says:

    Love this post, thank you Christy!
    Any ideas or suggestions for organizing kid’s shoes? I’m having the toughest time with that one…

  4. 4
    christy says:

    Tracy, I LOVE Artkive!!! One of my favorite apps.

    Jen, love that you’ve posted pics of cleaning out your closet today. Doesn’t it feel awesome?!

    Susanne, we got one of those $30 fabric shoe racks from Target that we keep right outside in the garage. I actually need to just buy one for each kid…my hubby and I have shoe racks in our closet (I also think from Target). They’re not perfect, but they definitely help 🙂

  5. 5

    All great spring cleaning and organizing ideas!
    A couple of things to add:
    1.When cleaning your office- shred those items immediately you don’t need and recycle all the rest. Paper is a hoarder in your home but if you deal with it right away it will be manageable.
    2.Have a garage sale with the kids gently used items and they get to keep the money. You would be surprised at what they can live without!
    3. The shoe rounds at Container Store for kid’s shoes work wonders. You can even have a row dedicated to each kid.
    4. Kids art can be posted for a week or two and then you can put into a memory box for the year. Kids have a hard time getting rid of art right away and this allows them to keep it for the school year and then over the summer you can sort through it and archive it.

  6. 6
    Nancy Arendt says:

    For Shoes we bought these under bed storage drawers on casters from IKEA… 29.99 a piece… we left off the cover part and my husband installed a large drawer pull on the end and to allow them to be pulled out by my kid. They are great because they slide out from under her bed and she stores her shoes in them in pairs. What is great is they are easy for my 5 year old to use them, they keep the shoes tucked away and they fill up the under part of the bed so other stuff doesn’t get stuffed under there… They are an awesome solution and they look nice too.

  7. 7
    Nancy Arendt says:
  8. 8
    Caroline says:

    Thanks Christy for the post and Kristin for the extra ideas. I especially love #2. That should help my 4-yr-old be more motivated to give up some of her many toys! 😉

  9. 9
    christy says:

    LOVE these ideas, mamas!!! Thanks for posting – I’m going to check these out, and/or implement them this spring. Thank you!!

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