Teacher Appreciation Gifts Your Teacher Will Actually Appreciate

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Teacher Appreciation Gifts Your Teacher Will Actually Appreciate

National Teacher Appreciation week is coming up May 5th-9th so I wanted to pull together some ideas of gifts will actually appreciate!

There are so many ideas out there for teacher gifts, but very few of them are what teachers actually want. They have so many students every year and can easily be overwhelmed by knick-knacks. Here are a few tips to get you started in choosing a teacher appreciation gift your teacher will love.

Make sure the gift is useful:

Have your child draw a design or the teacher’s name and make a personalized notepad at your local copy shop.

Or, even easier, grab a blank note cube from an office supply store and have your child decorate it for his/her teacher.

Also, teachers appreciate classroom supplies that all the students can benefit from.

Gift card to a local coffee shop, Target or Amazon:

Teacher’s can always use a caffeine boost, so a local coffee shop or Starbucks card are always a good bet.

Target or Amazon are great because teachers can get school supplies or treat themselves with both of these.

You can have your child decorate a gift card envelope to make special.

Or you can go for humor with these fun printables.

Make it personal:

This is a really cute idea for a class card if you can get photos of all the kids with letters.

And what teachers appreciate most of all, a personal handwritten note.

I would love to hear more ideas of things you do for your teachers. Please share!


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