What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

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Okay ladies, a very important day is coming up!  Bookmark this page.  Here are some super cute Mother’s Day gift ideas for that special lady in your life – your moms, grandmas, aunts, cousins, best friends…and of course, YOU!  Send this list to your husbands and significants others (wink wink!).  What moms really want for Mother’s Day!

Peace, quiet and…maybe even some tranquility 

Preferably without the little darlings. A spa day…or even just a spa treatment…a manicure/pedicure at her favorite local salon…a massage.  A little rest and relaxation goes a looooonnng way, right mamas?!  Check out SpaFinder.com for ideas of local spas with the services you want, and go for it!  This is a tried and true favorite gift idea for moms everywhere.

Family pictures

Give the gift of keepsake moments – professional family pictures (or maternity pictures, family generation pictures, kid pictures…whatever you think she’d like the best), and give her a “coupon” for a photography session.

That way you have time to coordinate schedules, picture location, outfits, multiple family members…and have time to make an appointment with your favorite photographer or studio.  Every mom I know loves pictures.

A personalized phone case

One of the best gifts I ever received (and get the most compliments on!) is a personalized iPhone case with my kids’ pictures.  Mine is from Shutterfly – love, love, love this!  And, I can tell you that it is pretty durable (i.e. it withstands my kids dropping it).

Annual subscription to her favorite magazine

The gift that keeps on giving – literally.  Bonus – there always seems to be some sort of magazine subscription deals going on – just search for the one you want and see if there’s any discount available.

If she likes wine…

How cute is this idea I heard about- wrap a bottle of her favorite wine in a new, pretty scarf.  Or take her to a local wine tasting bar for a fun night out!

Yummy smelling lotions, bath stuff or perfume

I personally love this Lavander-scented spa gift set from L’Occitane – delicious!

Of course, the beautiful kid-made gifts

Homemade cards, little projects that little hands made, hand-picked flowers, picture gifts with their kids’ sweet faces, handprints and footprints…anything keepsake and made by the kiddies is always treasured and loved!

Pampering at home

How nice does it sound to (wait for it…) SLEEP IN!

I’m talking a nice, quiet, dark room.  Then a favorite coffee or tea delivered bedside, once mama wakes up. Breakfast in bed is great! (Just make sure mama doesn’t walk into the kitchen later and find the BIG breakfast-making mess). Fresh picked flowers are a plus!  Light some candles around the room.  Bring her a good book…or even some fun magazines for her to leisurely leaf through.  Bath salts or new shower gel for a bath.

Sometimes keeping it simple means the most. (Bonus points:  laundry done, house picked up, kids clean/fed/watered/entertained/happy, while mama is being pampered at home – hey, a mommy can dream, right?!).

What are your favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas or ways to spend your day?  Any goodies or ideas that you want to share?  Let’s talk about what moms really want for Mother’s Day!  

And, Happy early Mother’s Day to all!

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Spring Bucket List: Spring Clean Your Toys

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How to Organize Toys

Last weekend, my husband Tim and I finally buckled down and teamed up (see what I did there?) to tackle our boy’s ever increasing toy collection and I wanted to share my new rotating bin system and other tips on how to organize toys. I hope this post makes it easier for you if you are in the same dilemma!

1. Make a Goal

My goal was to get the toys out of their main room and into their closet (no matter how many we would have to part with).  It’s not that they have so many toys, but the fact we live in an apartment without a playroom or basement, so our space is limited.

2. Choose a System: Rotating Bins for Us!

The system we decided on was bin rotation.

We got six tubs (or five and one basket to be replaced by a tub), and plan on taking out one bin a week to play with.

Each box has a variety of toys, and they are not allowed to open the other bins. We chose this because it keeps their toys relatively novel and they can throw all the toys in the bin quickly for clean up.

When they had access to all of their toys at all times, it was more fun for them to get them all out, and it would take too much time to put them away in the correct spots.

3. Sort the Toys

Once we laid our bins out, we sorted the toys into them. Since we had six big trucks, each bin got a truck, since we have 60 or more matchbox cars, each bin got ten cars, each bin got a puzzle, an action figure, etc.  No worries if not every bin has one of each, it’s fun to have a variety.

We also kept a few bins of toys out, things that are only fun if you have all the pieces, like their train table trains/ tracks/buildings, and nerf guns/ammo.

4. Finish Up: Donate, Store, or Throw Away

Overall, once we figured out our goal, and chose a storage system, we were able to move through pretty quickly and got it done in a couple hours.

We were able to take out a lot of toys that could either stored for a new baby, donated to Goodwill, and tossed broken toys. It was also a good time to replace all the batteries as needed.

This system has been working out really great for us, and we enjoy getting to see what’s in the bin for this week!

I hope you liked this fifth edition of my spring bucket list; see these other posts on having a picnic, flying a kiteplaying in the rain, and taking a nature walk.

oc spring activities for kids

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@lisarimke is my username and I’m sharing how I’m squeezing the fun out of the season. You can join me, with #tinyorangesspring; post your fun adventures, recreation or feel-good spring favorites with other local moms like our own for inspiration, too! Also find Tiny Oranges’ (@tinyorangesoc) Insta-feed too!

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Why Hula When You Can Bula?

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Fiji Vacations for Families


Planning a summer vacation?  Before you book your annual Hawaii trip or Mexico getaway, I am here to share with you today a destination that might not have crossed your mind as far as one of the top family friendly vacation destinations – Fiji!

If you are open to exploring Fiji vacations for families to experience the “Bula Spirit” for yourself, Fiji Vacations, a local full service Orange County travel agency specializing in Fiji can help you book a dream family vacation to remember.

Closer than you think (a 10 hour direct red-eye flight from LAX), it might even been more affordable than you think.

Has anyone priced out flights to Hawaii lately?! I just did, and almost fell off my chair! Astronomical.

Fiji Vacations is able to package an entire vacation for you, from flights to transfers, hotel and meals, and the package price might not be all the far off from a Hawaiian vacation.  You would be surprised. Seriously.

Visit this page to request a free quote and you can see for yourself.

Fiji Vacations for Families 

Fiji Vacations

I asked Melissa, fellow OC mama, and the owner of Fiji Vacations (a family-owned business operating since 1985) some questions you might have about this mystical location most of us probably have on our bucket list. Here are her answers:

First off, what does “Bula” mean?

“Bula” is a very common word in Fiji used for greetings like “hello” or “aloha” in Hawaii.  Fiji is often described as having the “Bula Spirit” which encompasses the hospitality, kindness and care possessed by the people of Fiji.


I thought Fiji was just for honeymoons? 

Fiji is for everyone!

Fiji is for the young at heart backpacking around the world, young couples on honeymoons, families looking for an authentic experience rich in culture, couples celebrating a milestone anniversary or birthday, and adventure seekers like scuba divers, surfers and sky divers. There is something for everyone in beautiful Fiji.


Isn’t Fiji a super long flight from Southern California?

The flight from LAX to Fiji departs each evening at 11pm. It is only 2 meals and 2 movies or about a 10 hour flight. It is a really easy flight as it falls right in line with your natural sleep patterns and most people sleep the whole way there and wake up in Fiji!


I thought Fiji was super expensive? 

When comparatively shopping for equal packages, Fiji is far and away cheaper than comparable tropical destinations.

Typically the resorts in Fiji include all of the meals, which is an expense typically not included in Hawaiian travel packages. It is really nice to be able to budget all of that ahead of time, so there are no surprises at the end of the trip.

Most resorts offer family packages where kids stay and eat free too! For example, we have packages for families of 4 for $1700 per person for 7 nights, including meals, transfers and roundtrip airfare from LAX.

familyvacationtofiji If you are interested in getting a quote for a dream Fiji vacation for your family, you can contact one of the travel agents at Fiji Vacations to discuss which resorts would be best for your family and the best deals you can take advantage of.

Visit www.FijiVacations.com or call 800.927.1923.  Follow Fiji Vacations on Facebook to stay up to date on their current specials and promotions.  Not to mention enjoy some tropical eye candy in the midst of your busy day!

[All images courtesy of Fiji Vacations]

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Cute Cookie Cutter Ideas

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cute cookie cutter ideas

I love cookie cutters.  And, I’ve accumulated quite a few over the years!  My kids and I have found so many fun things to do with them (besides the traditional cookie making).  Here are my top cute cookie cutter ideas…I hope you have as much fun as we do!

Sandwich Buddies

I started picking different shapes to create sandwiches with…and this has become so popular with my kiddos, this is pretty much the only way I make sandwiches anymore.  They love showing their sandwich shapes to friends during lunch at school. Bonus – I also find that they’ll eat things they normally wouldn’t eat, if it’s in a fun shape!

Cake Topper Shapes

I found this adorable idea on Pinterest from “This Little Light of Mine.”  Place the cookie cutter on top of the cake, then use sprinkles or other candies to make your desired shape on top of your cake.  How cute is this?!

Fruit Shapes 

Cookie cutter shapes + fruit = adorable little ways to get your kids to eat something healthy.  Watermelon is a favorite!

Individual Mini Pizzas

I love to make homemade pizza. Okay, okay…Trader Joe’s pre-made pizza dough that I roll out and top myself!  It makes me feel like I’m cooking.  After you roll out your pizza dough, take your cookie cutters and make little pizza shapes – then add your sauce and cheese and toppings.  Just make sure to adjust cooking time in the oven, as the temperature may need to be adjusted due to smaller pizza sizes.

Marshmallow Shapes

Get those delicious jumbo marshmallows…take your mini cookie cutters, and make adorable little shapes for your hot chocolate, ice cream sundaes, or anything else you put marshmallows in.  YUM!

Play Dough

Cookie cutters and soft Play Doh = a fun activity that will keep little hands busy (for at least a little while).


My 6-year-old loves to draw, so cookie cutters make fun traceables.  Easy peasey!

Bonus – take them outside and trace in sidewalk chalk!

Bird Feeders

I cannot WAIT to try this!  I found this awesome idea on eighteen25 on Pinterest.  You can actually make bird feeders out of cookie cutters.  Check it out on their site – they give step-by-step instructions.  Love, love this – the perfect summer craft.

What are your favorite uses for cookie cutters?  Any fun ideas to share?

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