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4 Boys bag by SCOUT

This mom walks into swim lessons for the lesson after us last month and puts down a pool bag unlike any I have seen before.  It’s huge.

It stands upright.

It can fit all her multiple kids’ pool gear.

I had to have it.

The bag is the 4 Boys bag from SCOUT.

I am already a huge fan of SCOUT bags. I own both the Weekender and the Duffy, which I have used a ton. Now I am in love with my latest SCOUT addition, the 4 Boys bag.

I don’t have to dig and dig to find stuff at the bottom and don’t have to dump stuff out to find what I am looking for.

It fits both of my girls’ gear with room to spare…towels, sunscreen, coverups, change of clothes, picnic lunch, etc.

I think if I had 4 boys, it would fit their stuff too.  Maybe not my two girls plus 4 boys, but you get the idea.

It’s made of a waterproof material so you can wipe out sand and sunscreen easily.

Now I have one beach or pool bag and not multiple smaller bags stuffed to the brim with stuff.

Plus, it ZIPS.

Oh, and you can select from a variety of totally darling patterns.

That’s all. Just had to share.

Sign up for Plum District daily deal emails, (affiliate link). I see SCOUT deals on there a lot. It’s actually where I found them in the first place.

Now bring on summer (armed with your 4 Boys bag)!!!


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  1. 1
    Melissa says:

    Awesome. Will you let us know the next time you see it in plum district?

  2. 3
    jen says:

    yes, subscribe to this post and I will post next time I see it!

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