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You know that timeless saying…”It takes a village to raise a child”?  I had the opportunity to talk with Alexandra at Motherhood Together, a wonderful group started by three new mamas who saw a need for fellow OC mommies- a group for first time moms in Orange County where they could go to feel understood, cared for and supported in whatever way they chose to parent their new little one.

A community that welcomed new moms, new babies and offered a new support system to women.

As soon as Alexandra and I began chatting, I felt like we were fast friends. That’s because it took about four seconds into the conversation for us to start trading stories about our kids.  Within five minutes we had covered swaddling, toddler tantrums, our favorite hair products for kids (Original Sprout!) and how we both felt completely overwhelmed (and sometimes isolated) when our babies were first born.

And that’s exactly why Alexandra, Bianca and Chelsea created Motherhood Together.  A place to help women navigate this crazy ride we call mommyhood. A place where you can ask questions about how to best handle a diaper rash, how to tame tantrums, how to bring down a fever, how to stay connected with your partner…and commiserate together about sleep deprivation. A sounding board. And a sanity check.

What it’s all about

Motherhood Together offers eight-week sessions in Laguna Niguel where mamas and babies (12 months and under) enjoy an hour and a half together.

It’s an “everything and anything baby goes” environment – nurse without getting tangled in a nursing cover, change diapers, comfort a crier, or roll around with your little one, all while participating in open dialogue, listening to guest speakers (like sleep specialists, marriage and family therapists, lactation consultants, essential oils, yoga and photography), and most importantly, building a friendship with other moms just like you.

Alexandra explained that the difference with this mom’s group is that they are “mom-centric” – they focus on providing moms what they need to feel supported.  Because it is essential for moms to take care of themselves so that they can best take care of their babies.

She talked about how Motherhood Together really caters to us mommies, working on building our confidence and talking about the importance of keeping our own identities as women during the huge life swing of becoming a mother, all while enjoying and loving our beautiful babies.

The sessions

Groups are between 10-12 moms each, so you really have the opportunity to build friendships…and have your kids bond, too.  And, you’ll see Alexandra, Bianca or Chelsea at each session…or maybe all three!

Alexandra also emphasized that this a group that celebrates ALL parenting styles and beliefs…you know your child best.  You know the best way to raise them.  This group offers support and education and a place to share, and respects all of the different ways you can raise your child.  No judgment.  No lecturing on how to do the “right” thing for your kids. Just support.

Fun activities and continuing support

Motherhood Together also loves to plan and host fun events, including mom’s night out (I personally LOVE my “MNO” time with my girls – it is an amazing break from being at home in my yoga pants with my little cuties). Just this week, they arranged a night “out on the town” at a local salon, for a night of beauty, bubbly, and spending time with mama friends. Yes, please!

Here are some other fun things you can expect with this group:

– Each session has their own private Facebook page, so moms can communicate with each other. If you’re up for a 2 a.m. feeding, you can bet someone else is, too.

– Moms are spoiled at each session, because Motherhood Together works with kid-friendly vendors. So you can expect goodie bags with samples, coupons, and great recommendations for moms and kids alike.

– Mamas and babies are encouraged to meet outside of class.  The class may bring you together, but they want you to develop those lasting friendships and support system. Some moms even want to continue in their specific group – so when their 8-week session ends, they request a new session together.  With a line-up of new speakers and topics to cover!

– Your entire family is invited to attend an end-of-the-session mixer. A time where partners and siblings can join the fun, and families can meet and spend time together.

This program sounds like such a great place for new moms, and I encourage you to try it!  We moms have to stick together.

They have an upcoming session starting on June 25th – at 30% off!  Check it out and register today!


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  1. 1
    Lina says:

    We need yo find a Group for second and third time Moms too 🙂

  2. 2
    M says:

    This group sounds great though they aren’t the lone option in the OC. OC mommy and me run by an amazing mother of two and trained/certified parent educator who has her own group of incredible experts. She is the one running each and every group so having that one consistent leader helps build a solid support and presence for moms in OC!

  3. 3
    jen says:

    Lina – Check out for options for second and third time moms…

  4. 4
    christy says:

    We are lucky to have great mommy and me organizations, classes and groups in Orange County! There is something for everyone 🙂 Thanks for all of the feedback!

  5. 5

    We agree that there are a lot of good options for mamas in Orange County! We hope you will shop around and find the best fit for you! At Motherhood Together, we pride ourselves on being “mom-centric” and supportive of all parenting styles. We want moms to find a place to thrive and have fun in this special time, and we love having the opportunity to help. Thanks for your input, M!

  6. 6
    Rose says:

    Fantastic, insightful and very informative article that celebrats mommys!! Happy to hear about Moterhood Together! Love that this group has three new moms with three different perspectives and lots of specialists who can give their expert advise! This is so needed when you are new to the mommy world. Thank you for putting together a class where you show it takes a village to care for our young ones. I especially like all of the outside of class activities to get us moms back to feeling just a little bit like our old selves!

  7. 7
    Diane Weinsheimer says:

    I’ve heard a lot of great things about Motherhood Together, and love the innovative approach they’re taking to building a village for new moms!

  8. 8
    Aubrey says:

    I’ve had the wonderful experience of being part of two sessions of the OC Mommy and Me group. It’s been wonderful! With so many choices from playdates to official groups, it was very important for me to be with a group that was run by a Certified Parent Educator and someone who had great reviews. Our leader, Alex made us all feel wonderfully supported and having specific groups by age/birth months made everyone just wonderfully connected. Great experience, I would recommend these kind of groups to every mommy!

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