Pajamas and Pancakes Birthday Party

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Pancakes and Pajamas Birthday Party

My youngest turned 5 last week and we threw her a small pajamas and pancakes birthday party which turned out to be the easiest, most inexpensive kid party on record for me (around $80 total), so I wanted to share the ideas with you.

At 5 years old, my daughter’s preschool friends pretty much are just thrilled to have a play date. Throw in some balloons and cupcakes, and life is really good.

Here are some of the SIMPLE pajamas and pancakes theme ideas that made it extra fun.

Pajamas and Pancakes Invitation

I found this cute pi’s and pancakes invitation on Evite’s premium line, Postmark under “Kid’s Party Invitations.”

Note: ours was NOT a sleepover but you can change the copy when you customize. We made it clear in the invitation that girls were to wear their pajamas and it was a drop off party from 10am – 12pm.

Cost: Free (somehow I had credits, I think I got them when Postmark launched?)


Pajamas and Pancakes Party Menu 

– Pancakes
– French toast sticks with powdered sugar
– Bacon
– Fruit
– O.J.

My husband was the cook, and prepped these french toast sticks to freeze the night before and baked the morning of. He also made a batch of pancakes and bacon before the party started in the morning so everything was cooked and just needed to be heated prior to serving.

I also ordered donut holes from a local spot because, really, is there anything better than a donut hole?

And who knew that a bunch of 5 year olds would be so crazy for bacon?! We kept hearing “More bacon please!”  Just a tip if you through a pajamas and pancakes party, allot for more bacon per kid than you might have originally anticipated!

Cost: $40 

Pajamas and Pancakes Decor 

Ridiculously easy. Birthday girl and I hit our local Party City and she picked out these Summer Lovin’ rainbow plates, cups, napkins and table cover.  I found the  cute rainbow napkins at Target.

For the centerpieces, I filled 3 mason jars ($1.50 ea at Michael’s) and stuck a Dollar Tree silk flower in each.

The morning of, I got a batch of helium balloons filled at my local grocery store and tied one to the back of each chair.

Cost: Approximately $30




Pajamas and Pancakes Games and Activities

Here is where I went Old School. Big time.

Games included:

– Make your own fruit look necklaces (supplies needed: Fruit Loops and string.)
– Duck, Duck Goose
– Musical Chairs
– Balloon dance (basically let a garbage bag full of balloons loose in the living room and let them go crazy.)

Don’t underestimate the power of our old childhood games. Girls had SO MUCH FUN.

Cost: $7


Pajamas and Pancakes Party Favors

So I am on the “ban party favors from kid’s birthdays” wagon, but we did end up with left over donut holes, so I put those in little baggies to send home with the kids, along with one of the helium balloons.

Cost: Nothing additional.

All in all, a great party. Kids LOVED wearing their jammies, breakfast food is cheap, and birthday girl didn’t have to wait the whole day for her party to start.

Thanks for reading!!!


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  1. 1
    Eve says:

    Hi Jen! Cute party! Where did you get the chairs and table? Was it rental?

  2. 2
    Constance says:

    Brilliant post! Thank you for sharing the party concept. I’ve got 2 littles who would enjoy this for sure.

  3. 3
    tinyoranges says:

    I am lucky to have a neighbor who bought that kid table and 10 chairs off Craigslist so I borrow it every time we have a party. Otherwise, you can definitely rent. If you are in OC, has great prices. The kid tables are only I think $8.75 each and kid chairs run about $1.50 each.

  4. 4
    Faith says:

    loved it all but your comment about banning goodie bags just ended this post on a sour note..I mean really who cares…goodie bag or not to goodie bag…it just doesnt even need to be talked about….it just puts a neg. spin on things and makes something as precious as a childs birthday party feel like a fight between moms who are just so bored they invent things to bicker about…

  5. 5

    Such a cute idea!! I love the fruit loops in the mason jar vases!!

  6. 6
    Jen says:

    Faith – I didn’t mean to end it on a sour note – I meant it more in a funny way. But still, nice to use items we already had for the party as favors!

  7. 7
    Lee says:

    Jen, I thought this post was sweet, start to finish! Such great ideas in a time where we are all working to simplify our lives and still give our kids, and ourselves, great, fun memories – well done!

  8. 8
    Janie says:

    What a fun party idea! I may do this for my daughter’s 7th birthday in February. You never know what the weather will be like on 2/1, so this is perfect. She would love it!

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