Timree Summer Paint Play Dates!

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Timree Summer Play Dates

I have been to Timree Paint Studio twice in the past month ~ once for my daughter’s 8th birthday party (SO cute!) and again with my mom and two friends for a recent painting class.

For those of you not familiar, Timree is a local artist, with the cutest art studio ever in Newport Beach.

Not only is she an incredible self-taught artist, but she has this amazing ability to provide step-by-step instruction to help you create your own work of art.

My family shares a deep love for Crystal Cove Beach so my mom and I recently went for her Crystal Cove painting class to learn to paint this…


And this is what we walked away with!

Notice how they turn out differently, um, my table size got a little out of control big, but I was super happy none the less.  My mom has hers framed in their guest room already.


Timree Summer Play Dates 

This summer, during the months of July and August, Timree is hosting a Summer Play Date Special.

If you gather a minimum of 6 people and can come in on a weekday, each person is only $40 each and you will receive a private painting class of the painting of your choice.

Click here to see all the fun paint party options.

This would be a fun idea for a moms’ day out, or for a minimum of 3 moms and 3 kids (minimum age suggested is around 6.)

However, my 5 year old was able to pull off this painting at her sister’s birthday party, so I really have to say, it depends on the kid!


Check Out Timree’s Online Calendar

Timree has a new online calendar where you can see the painting classes currently offered (and reserve your spot online), as well as the dates and times she has open for Play Dates and private parties.

I can’t more highly recommend this experience.  It is so wonderfully fulfilling to explore your creative side.   To share the experience with friends or your kids makes it just that much more fun.


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