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The #DailyChargeChallenge starts today and will run through September 30th! In case you missed my first post sharing self-care ideas for moms – click here. Are you up for the challenge? Here’s how it works…

1. Make the commitment to do ONE thing every day to recharge yourself during the month of September. 

Whether your daily charge is doing a few deep breaths or planning a full spa day, it’s up to you.  But your daily charge should be something that makes you feel balanced, happy, filled up, recharged and/or more relaxed. Some form of self-care JUST focused on you. No one else, you. You deserve it.

Optional (but super fun!): 

2. Leave a comment on this post or on social media letting me know you are doing this with me!
3. Share this post via Facebook or on social media and tag any friends to “challenge” them to do it with you! Things like this are always  much more fun with friends. Plus, they will thank you for MAKING them sign up to take a little better care of themselves in September.
4. Share your daily charge activities on social media with #DailyChargeChallenge to inspire others with your ideas.
5. Follow my daily charges on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
6. Keep a journal or mental notes on how this challenge is affecting your life. How does daily self-care translate to the every day? Do you notice a difference in yourself? Does your family notice a change?

OK, now the fun part, here are ideas on things you can do for your daily charge. Or, you make up your own. Thanks for joining us! Let the journey begin…

 Self-Care Ideas for Moms 

Free Daily Charge Ideas:

1. Take a nap.
2. Go on a walk with a girlfriend.
3. Meditate or learn to meditate.
4. Take a bath.
5. Journal.
6. Make a fall bucket list of 5 things you want to do.
7. Read a magazine.
8. Call a friend on the phone.
9. Read a book. Don’t know what to read? Here are 15 books you won’t be able to put down!
10. Make a life bucket list.
11. Create a mindmap.
12. Call and schedule a doctor’s appointment you have been putting off for yourself.
13. Take a walk on the beach.
14. Stretch.
15. Take a new fitness class.
16. Write down personal goals for the school year.
17. Make a vision board of your personal goals.
18. Watch a morning show.
19. Watch one of your DVR’d shows.
20. Window shop in a cute area.
21.  Write your husband a hand-written love letter.
22. Have sex (sad it took me to #22 to think of this one!)
23. Download a guided meditation program.
24. Listen to your meditation program.
25. Unplug for 30 minutes.
26. Clean out your underwear drawer.
27. Organize your make-up / cosmetics.
28. Give yourself a mani / pedi.
29. Go shopping or use a gift card that has been sitting in your wallet for too long to buy something special for you!
30. Browse in a bookstore.
31. Meet a friend for a hike or nature walk.
32. Declutter an area that has been bothering you.
33. Make a gratitude list.
34. Clean out your closet and organize your clothes.
35. Arrange for someone to take your kids for the night so you can have an overnight alone with your hubby.
36. Go to the library.
37. Take a bike ride.
38. Stroll around a local farmers’ market
39. Organize your photos.
40. Call your mom.
41. Wake up early or carve out some time to get ready uninterrupted so you can start the day feeling somewhat put together!

Not Free Daily Charge Ideas:

1. Get a facial or massage (watch deal sites for coupons!)
2. Meet a friend for coffee.
3. Meet girlfriends for lunch.
4. See a movie alone or with a friend.
5. Take a class to learn something new (knitting, photography, etc.)
6. Get a mani or pedi.
7. Buy these AMAZE balls introduced to me by my amazing esthetician, Kristin Scott of Healthy Skin by Kristin. Put one Yoga Tune Up Balls on each side of your spine starting at the base of your neck while laying on your back, moving them down your spine every few minutes until you have done the entire length of your back. Almost better than a massage. Almost.
8. Book a $40 TIDY cleaning service.
9. Buy a day pass to a local day spa (usually $20 – $25) and go for the morning to use their fitness room, steam, sauna and relax in the relaxation room.
10. Get a blow out.
11. Hang out at a cafe or coffee shop with your favorite coffee.
12. Get your car washed.
13. Meet a friend for happy hour or dinner.
14. Get a babysitter for a couple hours and do one of the free activities above!
15. Refresh a room in your house with some new decor.
16. Go on a date with your husband.
17. Visit a local museum, garden or attraction you have always wanted to see.
18. Garden, craft or do something you love that’s creative..
19. Sign up for a Timree painting class.
20. Buy yourself a little bouquet of flowers or new candle as a reminder of your self-care efforts.
21. Buy a new lip gloss or lipstick.
22. Pick a new activity like paddle boarding or indoor rock climbing and go with a friend.
23. Stroll around an outdoor mall and treat yourself to a coffee or little somethin’ $25 or less (new top, nail polish, etc.)
24. Sit outside somewhere with your favorite drink browsing social media in peace.
25. Get a frozen yogurt.

Have fun ladies! I can’t wait to see your ideas!


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    Susanne says:

    Read a book this morning before everyone woke up! Day #1, check!

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    I did the same–read before the morning routine! 🙂

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