30 Days of Daily Charges

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Self-care for moms: Finding the things that bring us balance
Last month I challenged women everywhere to commit to join the Daily Charge Challenge and do one thing each day solely focused on self-care. or any activity that recharges the mind/body or spirit.

In my dreams I was envisioning massive amounts of moms participating in this fun challenge to take the time each day for a little self-care.  In reality I know of about 5 that did.

So to those 5 I say, many thanks for joining me. You know who you are :).

And to those that might have been participating that I don’t know about – I hope it was a fun exercise for you that inspired more happiness.

The  experiment for me was a huge one of growth and self-discovery, and a lot of fun to boot.

When I looked back at my #DailyChargeChallenge photos in that collage, it is clear to see the things that relax me. Date nights, yoga, being outdoors, walks with friends, reading, time with my family, my work, and we can’t forget, wine.

All those things pictured above bring balance to my life.

So much so, I am going to put it on a canvas print and hang on my office wall as a reminder of just how important it is to dedicate time in our busy lives for the small things that make us happy.

It shouldn’t just be a 30 day challenge, but an ongoing challenge.

If you didn’t participate last month, you can start today or tomorrow. It doesn’t have to be a daily thing, but try to commit to doing a few things each week that recharge you.

Then, take a photo of it.

You don’t have to share on social media, it can just be kept on your phone.  Periodically go back and look at those things that inspire you.  Need ideas? We have a gazillion listed in my post here.

I guaranteed your spirit will feel just a little brighter.

Happy weekend mamas! Make it an AMAZING one!


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