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I was excited to have the opportunity to talk with Dana at Artimus Art, and learn all about their unique and fabulous way of preserving children’s artwork.

Because if your kids are anything like mine, they come home with handfuls of special projects, arts and crafts, and precious scribbles almost everyday.  I lovingly display them, paste them up on our art wall, the refrigerator, hang them on their bedroom doors…and then safely “tuck them” into a big box.  In the closet.  Or worse.  I (shhhhhhh) recycle them.

Artimus Art takes your child’s artwork and creates a beautiful keepsake for your family – in the form of a gorgeous, museum-quality, customized, oversized, hard cover book.

How it works – collecting the artwork

I am totally guilty of snapping quick pictures of my kiddos’ adorable artwork with my iPhone.  Most of the time, the photos sit on my phone and either get uploaded to my computer and electronically filed (when I remember), OR get deleted to create more space on my phone.

Plus (inevitably), the pictures are low res, and many times, grainy.  Especially when I do take the time to print them.  Ugh.  Not really what I was going for in the memory preservation department.

Artimus Art actually sends you an art collection box (with return postage included!) after you purchase a package from them, and you can gather all of your favorite kid projects and ship them back.  No hassle. (Don’t worry, you’ll get the artwork back when they ship your finished art collection book.).

Since this is such a professional, quality project, I suggest creating your book by either your child’s chronological age, by their school year, or even by a bundle of their school years together (i.e. Preschool Years, Kindergarten – 3rd Grade, etc.).


Now the magic happens.  When the artwork arrives at their facility, you will be notified that it’s arrived safely.  They will start scanning the artwork, and post to your own private online gallery. You will receive an email indicating that the images are posted.

Once your art images are posted to the web gallery, you can log in and customize your 11″ x 11″ book.  A nice, big, shiny, thick coffee table book.

You can even create a dedication page – how cute is that?!

All of their production and binding is in-house only.  Which means you are getting the highest level of quality possible.  You will be notified via email during each phase of the book-making process.

Tis the season…to get going!

This is definitely an investment of your time – it is a project that takes at least eight weeks (sometimes more, depending on your own timeline and shipping timelines), from art collection to delivery of your new book.  So if you have your eye on this fabulous art book for holiday presents, now’s the time to start!

And yes, you get discounts for printing multiple copies of the book, so think grandparents, godparents, aunts and uncles, close friends…whoever would love a copy of your child’s amazing, one-of-a-kind artwork.  The extra books range from $45-$65 (for each book), depending on the total package you purchase.

You can check out their packages and prices here.

Want to gift someone this wonderful art keepsake?  Visit Artimus Art online and purchase a gift certificate.

Still have questions?  Read their FAQs or email

Plus…they have a new blog – all about art!

Artimus Art is launching a brand new blog (coming soon!), dedicated to the subject of art and how it relates children.  You can read about ideas for displaying your child’s artwork, art therapy for children, activities and projects to do with your kids…and the list goes on.  Watch for new blog entries!


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