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As I’ve just entered my 8th month of pregnancy, I guess it’s time to write my follow up post about how my husband and I decided to go for the third child.

Some of you might remember my first post on the subject, written years ago “To Third or Not To Third?” where I layed out all of the reasons why we should and why we should not add another member to our family.

We talked about it and talked about it, and waited for the right time and talked about it some more and couldn’t come to a decision.

My husband was so sick of the topic.  

One night last Spring we were out on a date night (which included some tequila) and we decided to give ourselves a window.  A very short 3 week window, effective immediately and ending with a trip we had scheduled to Cabo for our friend’s 40th birthday celebration.

In this time frame we would not take precautions not to get pregnant.  (See what I did there with that double negative?)

Our thought process was, if we get pregnant in that time frame then it was meant to be, and if we didn’t we could feel good that we had left it up to Fate who had decided for us.

The next morning after that date night, when the tequila had worn off, we both woke up terrified and looked at each other (almost in a scene out of a movie) and said “yeah, that’s enough of that plan.”

We thought we had our answer.

Flash forward to the last night of our Cabo trip when we were having a SUPER fun time celebrating our friend’s birthday, and our friends who happened to be pregnant with their third started into a sales pitch about why we should have a third kiddo along with them.

Which got me thinking…something was a little late…

There will be a six year gap between our middle and our baby!  We will be going back to sleepless nights, and breastfeeding and bottles, and diapers and spit up, and strollers and carseat adaptors and high chairs and, and, and…

But after the initial freak out, the excitement set in:  we get to do this all over again!!

It will be the first time we are being surprised with the gender.  Our girls love to hug and kiss my pregnant belly, and get so excited to feel the baby kick and they love when s/he has the hiccups.  They are SO thrilled to have a little brother or sister. (Although Lyla swears she won’t change a poopy diaper.)

We can’t wait to meet this new member of our family who was SO meant to be.

Do you have a story to share on how you decided to go for the third? Share in the comments below! 

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  1. 1
    jen says:

    Susanne – We are SO happy for your family! This little one was just SO meant to be, like you said! Your girls will be the BEST big sisters ever. Lucky baby is going to have 3 mamas :)! On the countdown now to see if it is a little brother or little sister! Wishing you a beautiful end of your pregnancy!

  2. 2
    Susanne says:

    Thank you, Jen! You are so sweet! I can’t wait to meet this little person too! Xo

  3. 3
    Nancy says:

    So beautifully written! I love that my sales pitch came to fruition. I am so excited to be going through this next stage of life with you. You are an amazing mom and this new baby is going to be so lucky to be a member of your family. XO

    • 4
      susanne says:

      Awe, thanks Nanc! Thrilled to be entering this stage with you and I’m sure will be calling you *a lot* for advice + reminders on how to do this infant thing! XO

  4. 5
    Jenni Garrick says:

    So excited for you! My husband and I had a similar story to yours. We were back and forth between if we should or should not have a third child. We decided to not prevent pregnancy for 2 months and if it was meant to be, it would happen! I also prayed that if this is God’s will I would get pregnant. Well, I have a 5 yr. Old boy, 3 yr. Old girl, and a 6 week old baby girl. I love my family so much, but I would be lying to say that things are perfect. It can be challenging at times, but I am so happy! The hardest part is telling my 3 yr. Old girl to not squeeze the baby or smother her. She wants to constantly get in her face and I have to tell her to give the baby space. Since you have girls, you will probably have the same problem. Good Luck with everything!

    • 6
      susanne says:

      Congrats to you on becoming a party of 5! Thanks for the advice- I am going to have some serious helpers, and will watch out for the over-handling of #3 😉

  5. 7
    stace. says:

    tears. i can’t wait for this little one to arrive. cheers “to third” afterall, three IS the best number.

    • 8
      susanne says:

      Stace- you made 3 look so easy, how could we not go for it 🙂 XO

  6. 9
    christy says:

    Absolutely wonderful!! So happy for you and your beautiful family <3

    • 10
      susanne says:

      Thank you, Christy! Excited for this adventure! XO

  7. 11
    c. avila says:

    to third! great article sus! this baby is so lucky to be born into your beautiful family 🙂 love you guys and can’t wait to meet your little angel!

    • 12
      susanne says:

      Thanks Xtine! Love you too! XO

  8. 13
    H. Cefalia says:

    You and Mike make such cute kids…you had to! So happy for your family! PS- do you still have all the stuff? b/c I’ve been getting rid of a lot…but can hold onto if it’s a girl? lots of pink over here… ha! 🙂 xo that tequila will get you every time! 😉

    • 14
      susanne says:

      Thanks, Heather! I’m sure there’s a ton of stuff I don’t even know I need 😉 I’m open to any/all hand-me-downs, thank you! XO

  9. 15
    Lina says:

    Congratulations, we are still going back and forth with 3 baby topic 🙂

    • 16
      susanne says:

      Lina- I feel ya, it was an agonizingly long conversation for us (like 5 years long). Wish you the best of luck coming to a decision! XO

  10. 17
    kpsmith says:

    To Quad or not to Quad. That is the question.

    • 18
      Susanne says:

      Hahahaha, Kevin!!! Uh I dont think so – the buck stops here

  11. 19
    Melissa G. says:

    Almost the same thing happened to us…..minus the fun cabo trip 😉 I tell everyone God decided we should have a third…..totally nervous but looking forward to more love in our home! Congrats!

    • 20
      Susanne says:

      Melissa- congrats! How funny! Love that sentiment- even more love to go around 🙂

  12. 21
    carolyn says:

    What a super cute family you have! 3 is truly amazing! We talked about 3 and then the reality of being pregnant with the 3rd was terrifying! (being that I had 3 cuties under 4!) Truly the best gift EVER!!! Our family is complete. I’m banking on boy for you! 🙂 Such a special time. Enjoy and Congratulations! You are truly glowing! 🙂

    • 22
      Susanne says:

      Carolyn- thank you! Can’t wait to know soon if it’s a boy or girl – I’ve been hearing a lot of boy but another sweet girl would be amazing too.
      Congrats to you on your big family! Love it.

  13. 23

    […] Susanne had a baby girl, Shea, early December and two other friends welcomed baby boys end of December. It was a big month […]

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