How to Get Great Family Photos by Kristin Eldridge

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This post today is written by Kristin Eldridge of Kristin Eldridge Photography on how to get great family photos. She has photographed hundreds of families over the years and is here to share her tips on how to get great family photos with us.

How to Get Great Family Photos

As parents, our goal in doing a photo session is to get good photos. We don’t go through all the work of picking out clothes, driving to the location and paying a photographer just to go through the motions. We do all that work so we can stop time and have a beautiful piece of art that captures our family.

When kids look at the photo session, they don’t have the same goal.

They don’t understand why photos are important and they really just look at the whole thing as having to sit still and listen.  Which isn’t a whole lot of fun!

Of course, a good photographer will entertain your kids and keep them engaged, but sometimes silliness will take over and the photographer needs your child to reign it in a little.

It’s Not a Bribe, It’s a Motivational Tool

Being able to listen and follow instructions is a must for good photos, but for little ones, what is in it for them? Some kids might need a form of payment to be motivated to follow instructions.

Forms of payment look different for every child.  A 2-year-old might be paid with a lollipop, while an 8-year-old might be more excited about a trip to the store for a new LEGO set.  Whatever the incentive is, remember it’s the thing your child will think about when they need to stay engaged and listening to the photographer for an hour.

Sometimes parents will tell me they feel guilty for ‘bribing’ their child. I encourage you to not look at it this way. Let’s call it a motivational tool or a goal to work toward.  And here’s the key…when the wheels are starting to fall off and a meltdown is imminent in the middle of the photo shoot is NOT the right time to start coming up with incentives.

Just like you plan your outfits and pick your photographer, if you think your child might need a little incentive during the photo shoot, think about a good reward that will work.

Remember marketing is everything! Feel free to hype it up before the photo session.  And during the photo session, remind your child about what they are working for for them and then work as a team with your photographer.

The photographer will be entertaining and directing to get the good shots and every family member will be willing participants.  Parents get great family photos and kids get their ‘prize’ at the end of the day!

Win-win all around.


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