Levana Keera Digital Baby Video Monitor

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 Disclosure: Complimentary Levana Keera Baby Video Monitor provided to facilitate firsthand review and Amazon links are affiliate links. All opinions are 100% my own! I love our new amazing monitor!

Levana Keera Baby Video Monitor Review

Baby number three is well on it’s way and we will have a 6 year gap between our middle daughter and our newborn.  Needless to say, we are a little out of the loop on our baby gear game!  So when Levana reached out asking if we’d be interested in reviewing their Levana Keera Baby Video Monitor, it was a a HECK YEAH!

I did not have a video monitor when my first two daughters were infants, and I have to say just having one in my home is giving me a sense of comfort.

I’m a little nervous about the juggling act I am about to enter with three kids and knowing that I’ll be able to look after the baby while it is sleeping, while still being a hands-on-mom with my older two is giving me a little more confidence.

We set up our Levana Keera Monitor last night (correction, my husband set it up because he is my tech-support) but it took him under 10 mins and he said I could have EASILY done it on my own.  (That means set up is SIMPLE.)

We positioned one of the cameras on the top of the armoire to get a good view of the crib, because as an infant I will be mostly watching a sleeping baby, right?  (Fingers crossed we don’t get a colicky one this time around!)

We were impressed by how easily we could change the view on the camera with the pan/tilt and zoom functions, all by the touch screen of the video monitor.

We placed the other camera on a shelf in the room which will come in handy when the baby is a little older and our girls are playing with him/her to keep an eye on things.

What I love:

*It has night vision so you can watch your baby sleep in a dark room from up to 12 feet away

*It includes 2 cameras which can span the entire room

*The cameras easily pan/tilt + zoom from the video monitor touch screen

*It has a 24 hour battery life with a battery saving PEEP mode (meaning it goes into sleep mode when there is no sound coming from the nursery, once your baby makes a “peep” the camera and monitor activate so you can see what is happening)

*It has 2-way communication- you can talk to your baby and let them know Mommy’s coming, OR you can communicate with your hubs to let him know you really need some help with a major blowout.  Can you please come into the nursery NOW!?!

*It plays lullabies

*It can record video and snap photos

Our daughters are really enjoying playing with the new monitor system, standing in front of the camera and talking to each other- kinda like playing with walkie talkies on steroids!

Click here to watch their quick You Tube video of the Keera.

Good news if you are in the market:

The November promo price will be: $219.99 $179.99

And from Black Friday – Cyber Monday for: $219.99 $149.99 ($70 off!)

As I’m sitting here at my desk typing I realize how much I’ll be using this monitor right here in this seat in a few months and it’s all starting to get very REAL!!!


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    Nancy says:

    Hi Susanne,

    I’m looking at which is the best baby monitor that I should be investing. Levana keera seems to be one of the latest model and it seems to have all the state-of-the-art technology.

    But I can’t decide if I should be getting this Levana keera or the Infant Optics DRX-8. I’ve read good reviews for both models. Do you have any recommendation?

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