Non-Candy (But Not Non-Fun) Valentine Ideas

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I am finding a NO candy policy in my children’s classrooms has become the norm these days, which makes a holiday like Valentine’s Day a little tricky for those accustomed to attaching a little treat to your Valentines.

But not to worry! I have found some adorable non-candy classroom Valentine ideas and even though they are sugar-free doesn’t mean they can’t be just as sweet…


Non-Candy Classroom Valentine Ideas


1. Pencil Valentine

Last year, I printed “I think you are sharp” on pencils and affixed them to card stock to make a cute pencil Valentine. You can also print, “I think you are all-write.” Gosh, I love a good pun.

Click here for the free pencil valentine printable and how-to and click here to order your cute personalized pencils.

2. Melted Heart Crayon Valentine

A friend of mine made these and they turned out so cute I had to ask her how to make them!

Click here for the melted heart crayon valentine how-to. Great non-candy classroom valentine for younger grades.

3. Paint Sample Bookmark Valentine

Same crafty friend did those cute bookmarks made out of Valentine colored paint samples. Adorbes (and useful!)

Click here for the how-to!

We are doing these this year for my daughter’s 3rd grade class. I just ordered this heart punch to make the cut-out and I will be making a visit to our local hardware store to collect some paint samples.

4. Ruler Valentine

Two years ago we did this “Your Rule” valentine for my daughter’s class.

I ordered inexpensive rulers, and then we cut out a heart of construction paper, and I made my own tag to affix. You can also Google this one and likely come up with some cute free printables.

Do you have any cute non-candy classroom Valentine ideas to share? Please comment below!


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