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I turned 40 in the fall and one of my best friends gave me the sweetest gift wrapped in a tiny little box attached to her card.

In it was a delicate bracelet from a company called MantraBands in rose gold, with the words, “Enjoy the Journey” on it and I instantly fell in love with MantraBands.

I wear my “Enjoy the Journey” MantraBand every day and have since given about 5 others as gifts.  I love looking down at my wrist and reading those words. It was the perfect sentiment for entering my 40’s because truly now I feel like I AM enjoying the journey more, and I love wearing it on my wrist as a daily reminder. It’s amazing how seeing a positive mantra during your day can truly lift your spirits.

They come in all sorts of amazing, inspirational mantras with the choice of silver, gold or rose gold.  I am partial to the rose gold these days, goes with everything and looks so pretty.

Another one of my favorites is, “Let Your Light Shine” because I wrote a post about turning 40 and how beauty is really about the light that shines within each of us. When I saw they had a “Let Your Light Shine” one I almost jumped up and down.

I gave that one to a friend for her birthday recently and might have to buy one for myself.

Many gold and silver choices are only $25 and the rose gold is $35 and they have FREE SHIPPING for all U.S. orders.

The bracelets are adjustable, and you can squeeze to tighter if you have smaller wrists, or open up to make them larger. They are great quality and I hope that I can add on slowly to my collection of mantras I wear on my wrist!

Here are just a few of my favorite mantras you can find on MantraBand:

Be Present



Enjoy the Journey

Expect Miracles


Let Your Light Shine

Peace, Love, Happiness

She Believed She Could, So She Did

Soul Sisters


And there are a ton more!

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->>->-> MantraBands Instagram Giveaway! <-<-<- 

Click over here to visit us @TinyOrangesOC on Instagram to enter!


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