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Today, I’m excited to share all about Toddler Camp OC with you – a weekly outing designed specifically for toddlers that provides a themed “adventure” for parents (or caregivers) and their child to experience all the best local spots, entertainment and kid programs.

Toddler Camp OC is a fantastic way to get out with your little ones and enjoy your local community, while meeting new friends (both parents and kids!).

Because as we moms know, it takes a village (right?!), and there is nothing better than meeting other moms who are going through the same stages and phases you are, while letting your kiddos meet other kiddos their own age.  Plus, at Toddler Camp OC, you’ll probably learn about places and programs you didn’t even realize existed.

How It Works

The SoCalMoms Education Director creates developmentally appropriate projects, curriculum, and play opportunities specifically for toddlers.  This is a great way to introduce your toddler to many of the skills they are expected to learn during their first year of preschool.

Arts and crafts or sensory projects are included in each outing, as well as a healthy snack for both parents and children.

Plus, new toddler products, brands and parenting experts and topics will be introduced throughout the session.

Each camp is approximately 8 to 10 weeks long, and meets once a week in the morning from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Toddler Camp OC is now registering for spring and summer sessions.

The “ABCDs” of The Toddler Camp OC Program

Toddler Camp OC believes in these core values and incorporates them into their toddler curriculum and programs:

A.  Positive Early Learning

Toddler Camp provides a positive comprehensive program featuring multiple themed activities, sensory play, and outdoor adventures.

B. Social Development

They offer toddlers a chance to interact, share, and play with other children of similar ages in a variety.

C. Explore & Discover

They motivate families to explore and discover local and regional places, programs, and entertainment designed to stimulate toddler.

 Parenting Resources 

They offer families the opportunity to socialize, and to access the best local parenting experts who host mini-talks.

Here are some great FAQs for further information.

Upcoming Spring Toddler Camp OC 

The Toddler Camp OC spring session will be held from Wednesday, March 18th to Wednesday, May 20th, and is enrollment based.

Their cute spring themes include: music, fitness, nature, colors, spring, cooking, imagination, messy art, family, create & build and carnival and will be held from

You will be asked to register for a specific local group (convenient for you), which meets one day a week for the term of the session (10 weeks).  Or you can choose a six-week package, which can allow you more flexibility.

Once you have registered, you will receive weekly emails with the schedule for the following week – or you can view the weekly Toddler Camp schedule HERE.


The cost of a 10-week session is $250.00 and a six-week session is $150.

You can also purchase series packages with discounted rates.  Occasionally, a weekly drop in rate is available.

Join Toddler Camp OC For An Open House

Join Toddler Camp OC on Wednesday, March 18th at 10 a.m. for their “Open House Creative” kick-off event.   This is your opportunity to get to know the program, plus meet other moms in your local community.  This first day event includes a welcome brunch, interactive arts and crafts, bubbles, balloons, goody bags and more!

This “Open House Creative” will be held at 1602 Babcock St. Costa Mesa, CA 92627.  Join the fun!

A Tiny Oranges Deal!

Toddler Camp OC is offering a discount to all Tiny Oranges readers (yay!).  Use the code “TinyOranges” for 10% off your registration fee!

Contact Us

Toddler Camp OC is based out of central OC.  Click here for more information and to register for their spring session.

Hotline for parents:  1-323-487-CAMP
Email:  info @ toddlercamp.com


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