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When daylight savings arrives it reminds me of summer days ahead…warm days, bright sunshine and convening with friends and neighbors in the late afternoon to enjoy a cocktail while the kids play. This year I am in the mood to experiment with new cocktail recipes so I have been doing research on refreshing spring cocktail recipes I wanted to share with you today.

You’re welcome.


1. The Skinny Mojito

I love a mojito on warm days. There’s something about the crisp, sweet mint that instantly reminds me of summer and makes me wish I had a front porch with a swing to sit on and sip…

I found this recipe for a Skinny Mojito with Truvia Natural Sweetener which reduces the calories and has no added sugar, but is still super yummy.

2. Moscow Mule 


I have to  admit I might be a fan of the Moscow Mule Copper Mug (affiliate link) as much as I am of the cocktail.

My girlfriend made this special Moscow mule recipe last summer. Best play date ever.

* Crush mint leaves, ginger root & half a lime (or other citrus fruit) in a shot of citrus infused vodka.

* Pour contents in glass with crushed ice.

* Top with ginger beer or, for less calories, diet ginger ale. Add a mint leaf or wedge of citrus to garish.

3. Pink Greyhound Cocktail 



The pink greyhound is one of the simplest cocktails you can make – essentially 6 oz of grapefruit juice mixed with 1.5 oz of vodka or gin served over ice.

Put salt on the rim, and turn it into a Salty Dog.

Sweet and refreshing.

4. Skinnygirl Margarita 


I could live on chips, guacamole and margaritas in the summer. But with the added sugar, it can be a calorie-loaded cocktail. Especially when combined with the chips and guac cals I can put back!

Bethenny Frankel’s Skinnygirl margarita recipe replaces the sugar with fresh lime juice.

Still refreshing and cuts down the calories.

5. St. Germain Strawberry Lemonade 


I found this recipe for St. Germain Strawberry Lemonade online on a blog called Fashionably Bombed, which might be one of my favorite blog names. Ever.

After reading the comments, I also do think, it would be super yummy with champagne as well.



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  1. 1
    Lee says:

    Yummy!!!! Thank you for the refreshing ideas 🙂

  2. 2
    Susanne says:

    This just made me excited for warm weather! thx!

  3. 3
    Cameron says:

    Yum! You know which one is my favorite!! 🙂

  4. 4

    I think I’ll probably love the Moscow Mule. As much as I try, I can never really get used to the taste of alcohol. And that mug is pretty awesome, but is it durable? I would hate it to rust.

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