A Fun Way to Eat More Veggies!

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On the list of things for me to do every day, making sure I consume an adequate intake of veggies has not been high on my list of priorities.

Until now.

A few weeks ago, the pilates studio I go to and love, Core Reform, had a sign up for a two-week vegetable eating challenge called Project Vegetable.  I was intrigued to learn more because I know I need to eat more vegetables.

Project Vegetable is a way for you to “report” your veggie intake and get daily tips and encouragement to eat more veggies. Sounded good to me so I signed up.

How Project Vegetable Works

You sign up on ProjectVegetable.com and every day, when you eat vegetables you can upload your photo to Instagram using #ProjectVegetable or text your photo to Project Vegetable and they track your veggie consumption. The first 30-days are free, then after the 30-day trial, it’s only $1 a week.

Seriously. $4 a month is the cost of a fancy coffee!

Project Vegetable Has Been Life Changing for Me

I went into the challenge thinking it would be fun, but after two weeks of doing Project Vegetable, I truly had no idea just how much I would learn from this process (and how good I would feel!)

Here’s what I have learned.

1. Being held accountable is the best way to keep you on track. Instead of grabbing a box of crackers for a quick snack, I remember Project Vegetable, and get out my cut veggies with hummus instead. Then I take a pic and feel proud of myself!

2. My kids are eating more veggies.  When I am snacking on veggies while making dinner in that hungry hour, my kids will come by and graze on them as well. Awesome.

3. I am thinking of new ways to incorporate vegetables into my diet.

I made omelettes last weekend, and typically would have skimped on the veggies. Or, made them with ham and cheese and skipped the veggies entirely (the horror!)  Instead, I made vegetables the star of the omelette. Then took a photo and felt proud to share.

Last night, I made pasta and with Project Vegetable in mind, I sautéed broccoli, onions, garlic and tomatoes to add into the pasta and it was so good! And once again, I took photos to send to Project Vegetable. And felt so very proud of myself.

4. The Project Vegetable daily tips are really good. Every day Project Vegetable sends an email with tips on how to incorporate more veggies into your life.  For example, one of the tips was to wash lettuce, cut veggies, cook quinoa or prep anything else you would like to put in salads for the week on Sundays.  I did this, and when I am hungry for lunch, I don’t have to make a salad from scratch, I simply pull out my prepped salad stuff, throw in a bowl, and my lunch is done.

5. They say it takes 21 days to develop a habit. Who “they” is, I don’t know, but I have heard this. The beautiful thing about Project Vegetable is it develops and encourages good vegetable habits.

Sign up and try it for free for 30-days. You will love it.



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