10 Favorite Memories of High School Summers

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High School Summer Memories

I had a mini reunion with 5 high school girlfriends last week and it brought back so many high school summer memories circa ’88-’92.

It was a life without the internet, laptops or cell phones. Which made me wonder, what did we do!?  Worked on our tans, of course. Oh Lord.

Looking back here are 10 of my favorite memories from my high school summers, I would love to hear some of yours.

Top 10 High School Summer Memories 

1. Driving to Blockbuster on warm nights to rent a movie with friends.


2. Daring my friends to ask the cute lifeguard what time it is. Which would never fly now days with cell phones.

3. Beach bonfires.

4. Taking the bus to Huntington Beach and getting strips with cheese at the snack bar (photo below found here).

5. Rocking my high waisted neon bikini and these….


6. Sleeping until 11:00am.

7. Laying on the beach with my pastel ghetto blaster waiting for my favorite song to come up and frantically hitting record. I had this exact one!!!! —>



8. Driving around in my friend’s convertible listening to “He’s a Cold Hearted Snake”

9 Foster’s Freeze Chocolate Dipped cones

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 2.46.46 PM

10. And of course…Sun-In. The blonder, the tanner, the better.


I would love to hear your high school summer memories!! Please do comment below…


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  1. 1
    Lani Merlina says:

    Fun memories! HB Strips & Cheese [from Jacks] was one of my favorites also. Loved the cocktail sauce style hot sauce. I wonder what it was??? It kinda tasted like hot sauce but kinda like ketchup. We used to hang at lifeguard station 9 by the naked surfer. I had that same pastel radio 🙂 One of my favorite memories was driving my ’64 VW Notch Back to the beach – I wish I kept that car!

    • 2
      jen says:

      Right?! My sister and I were cracking up so hard last night at the fact that it was essentially chips, shredded cheese and a side of hot sauce, but somehow it was just the BEST thing ever!

  2. 3
    Mark says:

    Riding my cruiser to 41st St in Newport to “hang out” Playing volleyball on the beach, went to the OC Fair a lot!! Hung out at Swensen’s in Costa Mesa and at the 4 Cinemas, Kona Lanes. went ice skating and of course went to Music Market for the newest records. And my biggest worry was. what was I going to do tomorrow? And late night, after beach parties was a Naugles run.

    • 4
      Jen says:

      Kona Lanes!!!!!!!! Love it!

  3. 5
    suzanne says:

    Love it, Mark!! Swensen’s…I totally forgot about that one! And who can forget Super Saver Cinema $1 movies?! I know…BIG worries on what the plan was for tomorrow. Such fun times 🙂

  4. 6
    Kristin Spieler says:

    Jen, I love those memories! The blockbuster run is the one I remember the most and of course the lifeguard too. So fun seeing you a few weeks ago!

    • 7
      jen says:

      Me too! Love that all you girls were a part of my high school memories!

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