What Are You RSVP’ing to This Month?

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holiday perspective

Can you name 2 – 3 Christmas gifts you received five years ago? Or even one?

I can’t. In fact I can’t even remember anything I got LAST Christmas.

At church last weekend our pastor had anyone who could remember Christmas gifts of 2010 raise their hands.  Only 2 people out of huge congregation said they could. The majority couldn’t recall one gift.

But looking back, I can tell you the people we were with that year, the traditions we carried out, and memories of things we did together.

Bottom line?

People trump presents. 

It is so easy to get caught up in the buy, buy, buy craze.

But what really matters are the people you spend time with this month.

RSVP to People, Not Parties

Our church urged us this month to think carefully when RSVP’ing to things.  To think about the events, the people, and the connections that are meaningful to us.  RSVP “yes!” to those people.  Carve out the time for soul-fillers. 

December is a ridiculous month of social obligations, right? I give you permission to RSVP to that party you are not super excited to attend.

Book a date with your bestie, hubby or kids instead.

Happy holidays my friends.  Thank you for reading my blog.  Thank you for being soul-fillers to me!


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  1. 1
    Lee says:

    I love this Jen! It’s like I always say to Nina, “It’s all about people” and no truer words exist 🙂

  2. 2
    Jen says:

    Thank you for your comment Lee!!! That’s also a true statement for life in general, it really is all about the people. Nothing else really matters!

  3. 3
    melanie says:

    Great post Jen!!! Love this!!

    • 4
      Jen says:

      Happy holidays!!!

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