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Recently I was contacted by a company called Frogglez which claims to make the best swim goggles for kids – comfortable, leak-free, pain-free goggles. I was interested to learn more.

Over the years  I have dished out a ton of money on swim goggles for my girls and have yet to find a pair they actually like and wear! Until now!

The design is fabulous and my girls love them.  Here they are explaining why they love these comfortable swim goggles for kids!

Click on over to Amazon and buy your Frogglez here (affiliate link)! Your kids will love them too!


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  1. 1
    Lee says:

    Looks like you have a couple of stars on your hands! Love these goggles – the girls really sold them 🙂 Thank you Emma and Morgan!

  2. 2
    Heather says:

    The video A+ – Morgan is hilarious!
    Adding frogglez to my summer pool bag list.

    • 3
      Jen says:

      Morgan cracked me up so hard with her “big girl” You Tube voice.

  3. 4
    Elyse says:

    Me and my three girls are dying!!! Best video ever! Those two need to be in commercials! I’m buying 4 pair asap!!!

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