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How to Sleep Cool This Summer

Disclosure: I am a Serta brand ambassador and am compensated for my participation in the program and receive complimentary product for review. 

How to Sleep Cooler on Hot Nights

Those of us in So Cal are fortunate to experience pretty moderate temps year round, which means many homes in our area don’t have AC. Most days you don’t need it, but when those heat waves strike, well, they can make for some pretty miserable nights.

Serta Mattresses, maker of the iComfort memory foam mattresses made of Cool Action Gel Memory Foam, along with the experts at the National Sleep Foundation have some great tips on how to sleep cooler on hot nights.

If you have any secrets up your sleeve on how you sleep better (and help your kids sleep better) when it’s hot, please comment below!

10 Tips on How to Sleep Cooler on Hot Nights

1. Keep your bedroom hotel-dark during the day.

Use shades or blinds to reduce exposing your bedroom to excessive sunlight during the day, which can make it harder to cool off at night.  Specialty shades help control heat while still letting sunlight in. Keep the windows closed if the outside temp is much hotter than inside. If nighttime temps are cooler outside, open up.

2. Switch to seasonal top of bed items for summer.

This includes pillows, sheets, comforters etc.  For the summer, materials should be very breathable so as not to absorb heat. Check out Serta’s line of iComfort accessories, including their iComfort pillows, sheets and mattress protectors.

3. As cute as your pet is, encourage him/her to sleep somewhere other than your bed!

When your pets cuddle up against you, it may be sweet but it can disrupt your sleep and cause you to get hot during the summer.  Treat your 4-legged friend to a pet bed so he/she can have a luxurious sleep experience all their own.  FYI, Serta makes comfy pet beds!

4. Cool down your body before bed.

If you work out before bedtime, make sure you aren’t too hot right before you go to sleep by drinking water and relaxing. Some people also find a shower or bath before bedtime or going to bed with your hair wet can help cool you down.

5. Remember, heat rises.

If your bedroom is upstairs, it might be cooler to sleep downstairs on those blistering hot nights.

6. Make use of fans!

Ceiling fans and floor fans will help keep the air moving. Open your bedroom door so there is a path for air to flow. Some people recommend placing a bowl of ice cubes in the path of the airflow to cool down the air being blown around the room (taking precaution to not have the water too close to the fan of course.)

7. Make cool compresses.

Freeze a damp washcloth that can be used on the neck and forehead as a cool compress or, if you didn’t think to make one earlier, use a bag of frozen vegetables or an ice pack instead.

8. Hydrate.

Hot temps mean you sweat and lose both water and electrolytes. Make sure to replenish both so you don’t become dehydrated.

9. Lighten up.

Light pajamas or (um, no pajamas) are a great option. Look for materials that wick away sweat.

10. Use a mister.

Some have found being sprayed by a plant mister with water to create a fine mist can help.

I hope you have found some of these how to sleep cooler on hot nights tips helpful. And, again, if you have something you do for yourself and your family when it is hot, please share and help other moms out!

Shopping with the Serta Test Rest App!

I am a Serta brand ambassador and am compensated for my participation and receive complimentary products to help educate readers about the brand and their dreamy mattresses. 

Recently my husband and I visited Friedmans Sleep Center in Long Beach to test out the new 2014 Serta iComfort and iSeries mattresses which were newly redesigned this year and they are a-mazing!!!

Stay tuned for more to come on this front, but in the meantime I wanted to share how Serta has simplified the mattress shopping process for the (often confused) consumer.

Shopping for mattresses with Serta just got so much easier with their cool new app called Serta Test Rest, which makes the overwhelming mattress shopping process so much simpler.

I am so in love with this new app, I wanted to make this video to show you how to use the Serta Test Rest app while mattress shopping.

[Download the Serta Test Rest app here]

Thanks for watching!  Let me know if you have any questions.

Mattress Shopping? There’s an App for That!

 Disclosure: I am a Serta blogger and am compensated for my participation in the program and will receive a complimentary mattress for review in 2014.

Serta Test Rest App

Back in 2011, I was invited by Serta Mattresses to participate in their blogger program, which included selecting a (new-to-market at that time) iComfort mattress to review. I have been blogging about my love affair with our iComfort mattress ever since.

This will be my 4th year working with Serta and I am super thrilled because in 2014, Serta introduced all-new iComfort and iSeries models.

The new models feature Cool Action™ Dual Effects® gel memory foam which has two gels for cooling comfort and support.

I didn’t know it was possible, but Serta just keeps making their mattresses better and better with each passing year!

Do you find mattress shopping confusing? 

If you have shopped for a mattress recently, you know there are a gazillion choices out there. It’s can be pretty overwhelming.

Add in the pressure of knowing you are making what could be a big monetary investment and mattress shopping can turn into a stressful undertaking.

But good news! This year Serta created a free app to help make mattress shopping less confusing (and hopefully more enjoyable!)

Serta Test Rest App 

If you are in the market for a new mattress, you can download the Serta Test Rest app for free through the Apple Store on iTunes.

For those in the beginning of the process, the app has a store locator feature, mattress selector quiz, even a mattress selector checklist to help you prepare before you shop.

Then, while at the store, you can log your ratings/opinion after you lay on different mattress to help track your feedback and find the mattress right for you.

Follow My Mattress Selection Journey

To share my firsthand opinion of the 2014 models, my husband and I will be selecting a new iComfort or iSeries mattress and I will be blogging the experience from start to finish. From shopping to sleeping.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have slept on our 2011 iComfort Prodigy model mattress for three years now and I LOVE it.

However, just like new cars, with each passing year, the technology and features get better and better, so I am just a tad (squeal!) excited to check out what Serta has in store for us.

I took the mattress selector quiz on the app and have seven different iComfort and iSeries models to try for a start. We are heading out to Freidmans in Long Beach on Sunday to do our first Test Rest!

Stay tuned and have a fabulous weekend!

Get #ComfortableWithThat

I am a Serta brand ambassador and have received complimentary products and compensation for my participation in the program. 

Selfie Sweepstakes  

With selfies being all the rage this days, you now have the chance to snap your best selfie (duck face optional) while testing out one of Serta Mattresses’ iComfort or iSeries models and you might win one of their premium iComfort Scrunch Pillows!

The Serta Mattresses Selfie Sweepstakes is going now through May 30th, 2014, with one winner being selected every day.  Yep, they are giving away a pillow a day.

How to Enter the #ComfortableWithThat Sweeps

1. Follow @SertaMattresses on Twitter and/or Instagram.
2. Stop by a local Serta retailer to check out their iComfort and iSeries mattress displays.
3. Snap a selfie doing your test rest on either an iComfort or iSeries bed during the contest dates.
4. Share your photo on Twitter or Instagram telling why you are #ComfortableWithThat using that hashtag and #SertaSweeps along with the name and city of the retailer.

A sample tweet or Instagram update could look like, “I’m #ComfortableWithThat at Macy’s in Costa Mesa. #SertaSweeps”

The Difference Between iComfort and iSeries

For anyone not familiar, the iComfort mattresses are memory foam models with an all-foam support core to balance proper support and pressure relieving comfort. My husband and I have been sleeping on the iComfort for three years now. We love it – here’s why.

The iSeries is a memory foam hybrid bed which is a combo of traditional innerspring and memory foam. My girls both sleep dreamily on iSeries mattresses. Here is how we chose their mattresses.

Always Comfortable

Visit Serta’s YouTube Channel for funny commercials and customer testimonials. This one is my favorite. Would you be #ComfortableWithThat?

Good luck in the Selfie Sweepstakes!

Spring Bucket List: Spring Clean Your Toys

How to Organize Toys

Last weekend, my husband Tim and I finally buckled down and teamed up (see what I did there?) to tackle our boy’s ever increasing toy collection and I wanted to share my new rotating bin system and other tips on how to organize toys. I hope this post makes it easier for you if you are in the same dilemma!

1. Make a Goal

My goal was to get the toys out of their main room and into their closet (no matter how many we would have to part with).  It’s not that they have so many toys, but the fact we live in an apartment without a playroom or basement, so our space is limited.

2. Choose a System: Rotating Bins for Us!

The system we decided on was bin rotation.

We got six tubs (or five and one basket to be replaced by a tub), and plan on taking out one bin a week to play with.

Each box has a variety of toys, and they are not allowed to open the other bins. We chose this because it keeps their toys relatively novel and they can throw all the toys in the bin quickly for clean up.

When they had access to all of their toys at all times, it was more fun for them to get them all out, and it would take too much time to put them away in the correct spots.

3. Sort the Toys

Once we laid our bins out, we sorted the toys into them. Since we had six big trucks, each bin got a truck, since we have 60 or more matchbox cars, each bin got ten cars, each bin got a puzzle, an action figure, etc.  No worries if not every bin has one of each, it’s fun to have a variety.

We also kept a few bins of toys out, things that are only fun if you have all the pieces, like their train table trains/ tracks/buildings, and nerf guns/ammo.

4. Finish Up: Donate, Store, or Throw Away

Overall, once we figured out our goal, and chose a storage system, we were able to move through pretty quickly and got it done in a couple hours.

We were able to take out a lot of toys that could either stored for a new baby, donated to Goodwill, and tossed broken toys. It was also a good time to replace all the batteries as needed.

This system has been working out really great for us, and we enjoy getting to see what’s in the bin for this week!

I hope you liked this fifth edition of my spring bucket list; see these other posts on having a picnic, flying a kiteplaying in the rain, and taking a nature walk.

oc spring activities for kids

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