Looking for a Great Bounce House Rental Company?

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I often get asked if I have recommendations for an OC bounce house rental company to which I answer, “Why YES I do!”

Orange County Jumpers has been a longtime friend and sponsor of Tiny Oranges for years, and is actually the only OC bounce house rental company I have ever used because I have been so happy with their jumpers and service!

Family owned and operated in Orange County for almost 15 years, there is a genuine pride in the service and products they provide. Every time I have called during operating hours, there is a live person to pick up the phone. I love this!

But here is my favorite part, when the delivery associate delivers and sets up the bounce house for you, they clean and sanitize the interior. Beautiful.

Orange County Jumpers has a large variety of bounce houses to choose from and the prices are super reasonable. They have themed panel jumpers to go with your party theme, licensed combo jumpers, slide jumpers, interactives and even water slides (hello summer!)

Just check out this slide,  an 18′ dual lane water slide which features side by side slides for racing. Think the kiddos would have fun on this in the summer?

In addition to their jumpers, they also have a variety of party rentals available to make it easy on you. Items like pop up canopies, tables, chairs, picnic benches are available for rent, as are cotton candy, popcorn and bubble machines.

Remember this OC bounce house rental company for your next party OR have a group of neighbors pitch in on one and have an impromptu block party this summer with Orange County Jumpers!


[Disclosure: Orange County Jumpers is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor.]

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One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

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This post is full of Dr. Seuss 1st birthday party ideas from a mom who recently hosted a Seussical birthday party for her son’s 1st birthday. The ideas are sooo cute I am excited to share. Here is what she wrote…

Dr. Seuss 1st Birthday Party Ideas

I’ve been wanting to do a Dr. Seuss themed first birthday for my son since about a month after he was born.

Dr. Seuss stuff isn’t easy to find in stores so I got most things online. The night before his party however, I found that Jo-Ann’s Fabrics sells Dr. Seuss school supplies for teachers, which came in handy for my party.

I had A Sweet Life Photography in Upland California photograph a Dr. Seuss themed cake smashing session to be used for the invitation.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Invitation

I used those photos for the invitation as well as decoration at the party.  I found this fun invitation on Tinyprints.com.

Dr. Seuss Theme Party Decor

The decor is always my favorite part of a party! I usually have one main focus table that I go all out on.

My whole house is stucco on the outside with metal posts and I have found that it’s very hard to hang anything for parties (banners, etc.) so I asked my husband to hang a piece of thin plywood, which took two screws that I can later use for all my parties (you can’t really see the two little holes when the wood is down), and I covered it in material by using a staple gun.

This board made it easy to hang the banners, pictures and fluffy tissue balls from.

The frames I got from Michaels and are a very thin wood that I spray painted red.

The Happy Birthday banner I bought off of Etsy.com.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake and Desserts

Also on this table were the cake, cookies, smash cake and Mini Cupcakes which were made by www.cakesbytriciafaye.net out of Chino.

 I also found these fun little personalized blocks on Etsy.com that were Dr. Seuss as well and they have the whole alphabet on them so we can use for play too.

Dr. Seuss Party Favors

For the party favors, I went with the “make your own” idea.

I had Dr. Seuss pencils, mini books, bouncy balls, Sippy cups, party hats, suckers, bubbles and a jar of little toys.

I provided empty goody boxes and the kids filled them up with what they wanted.

In our entry, I had a Happy Birthday to You! Dr. Seuss book with a message on a dry erase board from Jo-ann’s that asked our guests to please write a message to the birthday boy in the book.

 The balloons were from Where’s the Party in Costa Mesa.

We have a “message board” on one of our cabinet doors that I use to decorate for parties.

For this party I had printed all the photos of the birthday boy I had taken of him throughout the year on my Instagram account using Printstagram.

Above the drink table I hung the month banner.

This banner I made from scrapbook paper and Dr. Seuss Hat die cuts that I found at Jo-Anns.

There is one picture for each month of my baby’s first year. I’ve always loved this idea because they change so much in the first year that its fun to look at.

The plates and napkins I got from birthdayexpress.com.


The centerpieces on the tables I made by using red sand buckets from Party City.

I filled them with sand and put red and white paper shred on top so you can’t see the sand.

I bought some Dr. Seuss bulletin board school supplies from Jo-ann’s and attached a little wood stick to them, decorated with cute ribbon and then stuck them in the sand.

The linens, tables and chairs were all rented from Baker Party Rentals in Costa Mesa.

The birthday boy wore a customized shirt ordered from Etsy.com that had the word ONE in Dr. Seuss fabric sewn on it.

His bigger brother also wore a Dr. Seuss t-shirt from birthdayexpress.com.


I decorated his high chair with balloons and a banner with some ribbon. He decided to decorate it with cake! This is my little family.


Thank you so much for sharing all your Dr. Seuss 1st Birthday Party Ideas! AMAZING! I hope this has given anyone who has landed on this page looking for Dr. Seuss party ideas some great inspiration to get you going.

[Disclosure: Post includes Tiny Prints and Amazon Affiliate links]

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Hair Tie Party Favors

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Recently I went on the hunt for gymnastics party favors ideas for our gymnastics themed birthday party for my oldest daughter. We ended up doing the easiest DIY hair ties for girls, which was an inexpensive project I wanted to share.

Kids party favors are somewhat of a pet peeve of mine because they often seem like such a waste on kids! I do, however, love a party favor that can be put to use. What little girl couldn’t use more hair ties for her ponies and buns?

I remembered seeing this post by Tera Rae Stephens on how to make your own hair ties and I thought, ding, ding, ding, we have a winner for our gymnastics party.

The gymnastics party had a patriotic theme, so we knew we wanted to go with red, white and blue for the hair ties. After three trips to three different Joann’s with no luck, I happened to pop into Jenny’s Fabrics in Fountain Valley where we found our elastic mecca. Every color you could imagine, including a SPARKLY gold for a gold medal hair tie.

Emma and I were so excited with the selection, we were high five-ing in the store.

The plain elastic was only $.99 a yard, super reasonable.  The gold was $2.99 a yard, but worth it. 1 yard of elastic makes 4 hair ties.

You simply cut the elastic into roughly 9″ pieces, tie a knot at the end and voila, instant hair tie!

I think these would make great party favors for girls for any theme, as you could do any color you wanted.

I bought this printable off Etsy from Celebrate the Little Things <- CUTE STUFF!!! We went for the DIY printable square ones to make it easier to cut and then placed in clear cellophane bags tied with coordinating ribbon.

Making your own hair ties would also be a great summer project with your girls. My daughter and I sat and did them together and it was a fun activity.

I hope this is helpful to anyone landing here looking for gymnastics party favors ideas!

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Helping Your Kids Cope with Doctor Fears

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As mamas, we can kiss scraped knees, bandage minor cuts, give extra cuddles and run for the iced boo boo pack for owies. But, helping your kids cope with doctor anxiety?  That can be a toughie.

When a trip to your favorite pediatrician is in order (sometimes I swear I need a “frequent visit” card punch) it can cause stress for everyone involved. Does anybody else’s kids freak out when you mention a doctor’s visit?  Well, mine do.

Recently, I was sitting in my daughter’s gymnastics class lounge chatting with the other moms, and this very topic came up.  Turns out, each one of our girls had different fears about the doctor and all of us shared what worked.

It was all such great advice…girlfriend to girlfriend, mom to mom…that I thought I’d compile it and share with all of you!  So, in no particular order, here’s our two cents. I very much hope you find these tips handy in helping your kids cope with doctor anxiety.

Getting Them TO the Doctor…

1. We ALL agreed that honesty was the best policy (on a need-to-know-basis). If you know your little one is scared of the doctor and you tell them you’re going someplace else to get them in the car, then show-up in the doctor’s parking lot, you’ve lost credibility…and future doctor’s visits will be REALLY unpleasant.

2. On that note, we also all agreed that there was no reason to fuel any unnecessary anxiety or fears by telling them they were going to the doctor next week/tomorrow/etc. (for any well checks), or even, we’re going after lunch/nap/etc.  This gives their little minds time to worry and fret…and get really worked up.

3. One mom said she kept their location vague, and when they pulled into the parking lot and her daughter recognized it (because, of COURSE, most children know the doctor’s parking lot), she calmly told her that they were going in to tell her doctor hello and let them know how [insert child’s name] was doing. She told her daughter she could tell the doctor how well she was doing in school, sports, milestones, how much she’s grown, etc.  This made it a little less scary than saying “Dr. so-and-so is going to give you a check-up!”  Obviously, this will only work for planned, well exams or visits.  Not lying, but not explicitly saying “check-up!” Needles!  Shots!

Needles, Shots, Pokes, Oh My!

4. Speaking of shots, one mom handles them this way.  When her daughter asks if she is going to get one (in advance of the appointment), and says how scared she is of needles, the mom will say validate her fear (“I know needles can be scary, honey.  But, they give your body medicine sometimes when you need it.”), and then says they can talk to the doctor together about whether she will need a shot that day.

Yes, there may be a meltdown at the doctor’s office…it may be unavoidable…but we agreed that listening to your child’s fear and saying that you would talk to the doctor together helped advance fear and fretting.

5. If you know your child is due for shots, ask if they have a numbing spray. One mama told her pediatrician that her little girl was terrified of needles and they gave her a numbing spray first to help with any sting or poke. Every office is different, but it’s worth an ask!

Make it a Game!

6.  Bring a favorite doll, train, car, stuffed animal, etc. with you to also get “examined.”  Have the doctor do anything to the toy first, before your kiddo – most likely, they’ll play along!

7.  If you haven’t heard of Doc McStuffins on Disney Junior yet, let me introduce you to your new best doctor friend.  By watching this show, and playing “clinic” at home with doctoring their toys, my kids have made major progress with doctor fears!  Check it out!  I actually turned our front hall closet into a “clinic” – of course, my babies are still pretty little, so a closet is the perfect size for them to pretend for a doctor’s office.

More Advice…

8.  Talk about the doctor at home when they aren’t sick or hurt.  Tell them how wonderful it is to be a doctor, how they help people, times when you went to the doctor and were scared…but didn’t need to be, because they made mommy all better!  Slipping these casual little conversations could help fighting fears in the long run.

9. If all else fails, bribe.  Okay, yes.  Sometimes I am THAT mom who will promise a lollipop or big sticker or Target dollar spot item if they are extra brave.  I figure it’s a decent investment!

Spill it, mamas!  What do you do to calm little minds and big fears about the doctor?  Share in the comments below!

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Father’s Day Car Show

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The Balboa Bay Club Father’s Day Car Show is taking place this Sunday, June 16th, from 11am – 3:00pm with a variety of classic and exotic cars on hand to view for car loving dads everywhere.

Held on the south side of the resort in the upper deck parking lot, the festival-like atmosphere will include sponsor booths, temporary tattoo artists for the kids (or dads!), a BBQ buffet lunch and balloon artists.

Concession stands and a full service bar will be also be available if dad should opt to imbibe on his special day.

There will also be a Father / Son Pit Crew Tire Changing Challenge where teams can test their skills amongst other father/son duos.

Guests will be able to vote for their favorite cars in various categories and trophies will be awarded to the winners at 2:30pm.

Reservations are not required for the Balboa Bay Club Father’s Day Car Show ~ they hope to see you there!

Balboa Bay Club
1221 Coast Highway
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Have a wonderful Father’s Day weekend everyone!

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