Hair Tie Party Favors

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Recently I went on the hunt for gymnastics party favors ideas for our gymnastics themed birthday party for my oldest daughter. We ended up doing the easiest DIY hair ties for girls, which was an inexpensive project I wanted to share.

Kids party favors are somewhat of a pet peeve of mine because they often seem like such a waste on kids! I do, however, love a party favor that can be put to use. What little girl couldn’t use more hair ties for her ponies and buns?

I remembered seeing this post by Tera Rae Stephens on how to make your own hair ties and I thought, ding, ding, ding, we have a winner for our gymnastics party.

The gymnastics party had a patriotic theme, so we knew we wanted to go with red, white and blue for the hair ties. After three trips to three different Joann’s with no luck, I happened to pop into Jenny’s Fabrics in Fountain Valley where we found our elastic mecca. Every color you could imagine, including a SPARKLY gold for a gold medal hair tie.

Emma and I were so excited with the selection, we were high five-ing in the store.

The plain elastic was only $.99 a yard, super reasonable.  The gold was $2.99 a yard, but worth it. 1 yard of elastic makes 4 hair ties.

You simply cut the elastic into roughly 9″ pieces, tie a knot at the end and voila, instant hair tie!

I think these would make great party favors for girls for any theme, as you could do any color you wanted.

I bought this printable off Etsy from Celebrate the Little Things <- CUTE STUFF!!! We went for the DIY printable square ones to make it easier to cut and then placed in clear cellophane bags tied with coordinating ribbon.

Making your own hair ties would also be a great summer project with your girls. My daughter and I sat and did them together and it was a fun activity.

I hope this is helpful to anyone landing here looking for gymnastics party favors ideas!

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