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Rabbit Rabbit! – A Fun Family Tradition

A Cute Family Tradition for Good Luck

(I know Easter is over, hope you are not bunny-ed out yet!)

Rabbit Rabbit! is a fun family tradition for good luck I have been doing with my mom and brother since I was little and now do with my own kids.

On the first of every month you say “Rabbit Rabbit!” to whoever is playing and if you are the first to say it you get the good luck for that month.

Bonus: if you are first to say it on Jan 1st, you get good luck that month and the whole year!

It’s easy, you have lots of chances to win and who doesn’t want good luck, right?

So if I say “Rabbit Rabbit!” first to my daughter she still has a chance to say it first to her brother, dad and grandma.  And the game starts over every month, so there are many many opportunities for luck.

Aside from the winning good luck, it is a fun tradition that has ensured that I call my mom on the first of every month even if I’ve just talked to her the day before.

As a mom myself now, I hope that when my kids grow up, we continue this tradition because it’s a great way to make sure to stay in touch even when things are busy and we might otherwise forget or put it off.  I know my mom looks forward to the “Rabbit Rabbit!” call each first of the month as much as I do!

What easy and fun traditions does your family have? Do you have any family traditions for good luck?

Teacher Appreciation Gifts Your Teacher Will Actually Appreciate

Teacher Appreciation Gifts Your Teacher Will Actually Appreciate

National Teacher Appreciation week is coming up May 5th-9th so I wanted to pull together some ideas of gifts will actually appreciate!

There are so many ideas out there for teacher gifts, but very few of them are what teachers actually want. They have so many students every year and can easily be overwhelmed by knick-knacks. Here are a few tips to get you started in choosing a teacher appreciation gift your teacher will love.

Make sure the gift is useful:

Have your child draw a design or the teacher’s name and make a personalized notepad at your local copy shop.

Or, even easier, grab a blank note cube from an office supply store and have your child decorate it for his/her teacher.

Also, teachers appreciate classroom supplies that all the students can benefit from.

Gift card to a local coffee shop, Target or Amazon:

Teacher’s can always use a caffeine boost, so a local coffee shop or Starbucks card are always a good bet.

Target or Amazon are great because teachers can get school supplies or treat themselves with both of these.

You can have your child decorate a gift card envelope to make special.

Or you can go for humor with these fun printables.

Make it personal:

This is a really cute idea for a class card if you can get photos of all the kids with letters.

And what teachers appreciate most of all, a personal handwritten note.

I would love to hear more ideas of things you do for your teachers. Please share!

Make Cleaning Fun for Kids

Make Cleaning Fun For Kids

We would all love some help around the house, so if you make cleaning fun for kids chances are you might motivate some cheerful household helpers.

My son loves to help with the chores when it involves this non toxic, sudsy science experiment that results in a clean sink, which is why I wanted to share it with you today.


Recipe for Sudsy Kitchen Science

1.  Gather your supplies:  You need a sponge, baking soda (a mild abrasive that will remove stains, soap scum and bits of food) and white vinegar (a mild acid that disinfects, eliminates odors, and is extremely safe). Mix vinegar with water at a 1:1 ratio into a spray bottle.

2.  Sprinkle baking soda in the sink. I get a giant bag from Costco and put some in a smaller container and then let him use as much as he wants. With a damp sponge make some of the baking soda into a paste and rub all around the sink. My son likes to use the sponge like a truck and move big piles of baking soda around. Cover all surface areas.

3. Spray the sink all over with the vinegar/water mixture. Watch the baking soda and vinegar react in bubbling eruptions all around the sink.

4.  Add more baking soda and spray with the vinegar mixture just to watch it bubble and foam some more!

5.  Rinse with water and enjoy your nice clean sink.

Give it a try, your kids will love this!

Do you have anther fun way to encourage your kids to help around the house? Please leave your ideas in the comments below!

Easy Easter Decor

Easy Easter Decor

We are all busy, so finding easy easter decor is a necessity!  I’ve collected eight easy ideas for you and your family to try this easter.

They will all add some holiday fun to your home and are simple enough that you can include the kids in the process.

Easy Easter Decor DIY Roundup

Left to right from the top:

1. Bird’s Nest Bowls – What a great way to recycle some of that paper in your shredder! These nests would be so cute on a coffee table or mantle with some little chocolate eggs in them.

2. Bunny Silhouette – Love the minimalist fun of this simple craft.

3. Peep Sunflower Topiary – Just as happy as real sunflowers, but made with Peeps!

4. Jellybean Bracelets – Can’t wait to make these with my daughter! They’re a perfect treat to share with girlfriends at school and a fun way to decorate yourself for the holiday.

5. Cute Bunny Banner – Who can resist all those paint swatches at the hardware store?! Grab your stash and add some gradient beauty to your mantle or doorway.

6. Wheat Grass Centerpiece – Easy to grow, a simple wheatgrass centerpiece adds a fresh Springtime element to your table.  And when Easter is over, trim it down and add it to your smoothie!

7. Egg Head Plantings – This one is like the wheatgrass centerpiece, but for the kids table. Quick and easy to grow, the kids will have a great time “styling” the hair!

8. Easter Egg Garland – What a fabulous way to use all those plastic eggs that are laying around! This is a simple project that you can do with the kids to add some festive color to your house.

Happy Crafting!

What are your favorite easter decor crafts?  We’d love to hear, please share your ideas in the comments below!

8 Easy Easter Activities for Kids

Easy Easter activities for kids

It’s hard to sort though all those Easter crafts out there, so I’ve gathered eight easy Easter activities for kids to give you some inspiration over the next month.

Here is a fun and easy Easter roundup of activities that my family is going to do this year, hope you’ll give them a try too!

Easy Easter Activities for Kids 

Left to right from the top:

1. Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

2. Egg People Cars

3. Watercolor Letter Easter Eggs

4. Tattoo Easter Eggs

5. Polka Dot Glitter Eggs

6. Origami Easter Bunnies

7. Bunny Cross Stitch

8. Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Have fun with these, and have a Happy Easter! Do you have any fun Easter activities you do with your kids? Please share your ideas in the comments below!

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