Happy Birthday Susanne!

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About this exact time one year ago, I was about to lose my mind. I was going on three years of blogging and with the growth it had become too much for one person ~ especially with two little ones under 5 at home.  I was really stressed and it was no good. I knew I needed help, but I didn’t know how I was going to be able to find someone to help me. And even if I did, would I be able to find someone that would be a good fit?

Call it Divine Intervention, serendipity, or plain old good luck, but I found her and Susanne was not only a good fit, but has been the perfect fit, and she has really changed my life.

That is gorgeous Susanne in the photo above, and her darling family.

It is Susanne’s birthday today (Happy Birthday Susanne!) so I got to thinking about her birthday, and how extraordinary she is, and how I want you to know her better which is why I wanted to write this post.

Susanne handles all of the sales and account management for Tiny Oranges. Over this past year she has found so many amazing companies to share with you, and has done so with great integrity and endless enthusiasm.  Recently she has also started blogging some of her favorite finds and shares her yummy recipes under “Your Sus Chef.”

She is extremely intelligent, the most positive person you will ever meet, and is an incredible wife and devoted mother.  I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with her and call her a friend.

In case you haven’t read our “About Us” page, here are 10 Random Things I asked Susanne to write about herself. Love the Scooby sando (I want to try one!!!)…

1. My nickname in high school was Scooby. Yup, like Scooby Dooby Doo.

2. I worked at Al & Mo’s Deli in High School and created a sandwich which they named “The Scooby”. (A hot sando on a fresh baked french roll, mayo, Boars Head turkey and pastrami, melted provolone, topped with onion, lettuce tomato and pickle – DELISH!)

3. I’m a rollerskater. Haven’t gone in many years, but my suede skates are still in the back of my closet.

4. Love playing the toy grabber claw thingy at arcades and kid lands. I mean LOVE it!

5. I left my heart in San Francisco.

6. Will go to Yountville, CA and dine at the French Laundry for my 40th birthday. I hope my husband is reading and knows I’m serious about this.

7. I have a fascination with finding bargains and then sharing with everyone I see what a great deal I scored.

8. I’m a culinary school graduate and used to work as a Personal Chef.

9. Recently, I have become a runner – I’ve got 3 half marathons under my belt and I’m absolutely addicted to it.

10. As a kid I never had a TV in my room and read myself to sleep every night. Now it takes a REALLY good book to take me away from my reality TV.

Happy birthday Susanne!! Thank you for the joy to bring to everyone you meet!  I wish you an amazing year to come! xoxo Jen

[Photo credit top left half full photo / top right Kristin Eldridge]

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