Sick Day Activities To Do With Your Little Ones

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Sick Day Activities 6

Cure boredom and blahs, while keeping them happy and occupied!

I was recently reminded how crummy sick days are with your kiddos…especially by day two or day three.  So here are my sick day activities to do with your little ones.

Not only do your babies feel awful, but you’re also quarantined at home. With sick kiddos. Who are cranky, tired, blah…and antsy.

Yes, antsy.  Just last week, my little man was fighting a virus  Day one = sleep and snuggles. Day two and three = antsy, with side of cabin fever.

Too sick to leave home, he was crawling up the walls.  And so was I.

There are hundreds of ideas to entertain your kids during sick days at home…and here are a few of my favorites I keep in my back pocket.

Play Doh

Keep little hands busy with this very chill activity.  I break out every Play Doh tub we have, add in a few of my little guy’s favorite trucks or trains, and we create roads, bridges, animals, shapes, and different colors all over our kitchen table.

We also like to include our cookie cutters from all of our different holiday collections…he gets such a kick out of pushing down and making a cool shape.  Especially a snowman in August.

Catch Up on Your Cards

Instead of the typical coloring book activity, why don’t you catch up on any thank-you notes?  Have your kiddo draw a picture, leaving room for your handwritten note.  If your child is old enough, have them practice writing simple sentences.

Or, have them color or create pictures for future birthday cards or any upcoming holiday cards.  Get as creative as you’d like – stickers, markers, crayons, glitter…whatever you have in your craft/junk drawer.

Then, file them away for when you need them – an easy way to finally get ahead on correspondence. 

Still Feeling Crafty?  Make Your Own Memory Game! 

Help your kiddo pick a category…depending on their age and what they need to work on.  Ideas include shapes, colors, numbers, letters, etc.

You can make this as simple or as challenging as you’d like.  For example, I’d have my five-year-old pick out construction paper, practice tracing squares, then cutting the “cards.”  Once you have 20-30 cards (close to the same size, if possible), have them draw their chosen items on one side of the cards, mimicking the traditional “memory” game format (i.e.  two cards with circles, two cards with hearts, two cards with triangles, etc.).

Mix them up, lay them out face-down, and voila!  Your own homemade memory game.  The creative process will keep them busy for a little while…then they actually get to play a game!

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

What about a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt…at home?  My kiddos LOVE finding things…especially when it’s a little competitive.  Make a list of fun things around the house, give them each a bucket or bag, and let your little ones find everything on their list.  Each kid that completes the list gets a small prize. (of mom’s choosing).

Here are some ideas to include:

– Something fuzzy (really anything sensory…hard, soft, bumpy, etc.)
– Something that is a [insert shape, color, etc.]
– A book with an “N” in it’s title (or whatever letter you want)
– Something with their name on it
– Something that smells good
– Something that they would find in a pocket
– Something from under their bed
– Something they’ve made

Really, the sky’s the limit…it also depends on your child’s age.  Make it easy or challenging.  Just have fun with it!

Play with Chop Sticks

This is such a fun idea that I am borrowing from a wonderful friend…who is also a fabulous homeschool teacher and mama of three. She filled a big mixing bowl with small craft “pom poms.”  Then she ordered easy-to-squeeze kid chopsticks from Amazon (see the picture below).

Munchkins can use these chopsticks to pick up the pom poms…an excellent activity to practice fine motor skills for eventually writing!  Both my toddler AND my kindergartener loved this activity.

Sick Day Activities 1

What are your sick day go-to’s?  Share below so we can all benefit from each other’s tips!  

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