When is the right age to pierce ears?

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Lately I have been wondering a lot about when is the right age to pierce your girl’s ears so I thought I would put it out there to get your feedback on this topic.

That’s my Emma. She’s 6  1/2 and likes her accessories. A lot. Scarves, head bands, necklaces, you name it. Given that fact, she has been asking me daily when she can get her ears pierced.

Those are clip-on earrings in the photo.  If you ask me, they don’t seem that comfortable and are leaving lasting red spots on her cute little lobes come the end of the day.

She begged to get them pierced right before Kindergarten started, but to me that was a firm “no.”  At that age I didn’t feel like she was mature enough to take care of them during those first 6 weeks, and then be responsible for not losing the little earrings.

My gut at that time said she wasn’t old enough.

The rule in my family was that I had to be 9 years old to get my ears pierced, so I thought that seemed like a reasonable family rule, so I told her she had to be 9.

But now I am in a parenting dilemma because at 6 1/2, she is much more mature than she was at 5.

We have talked at length about the responsibility of pierced ears: keeping them cleaned, turned, and then of course taking care of the earrings when the initial phase is over.

She follows a nightly tooth cleaning routine that is surprising to me on her own. She will floss, brush and do a fluoride rinse without me even reminding her.  Now she has started to put Vaseline on her ears each night as part of the routine to clean and practice “turning” her pretend earrings. Lord help me. She is all business about this.

So I ask you – when did you decide what the right age is to pierce your girl’s ears?

Is it bad parenting if I go back on our “family rule” and allow her to get them done earlier than 9 years old?

My husband feels like it is not a good message to send her ~ if she begs enough she can get what she wants. Which I agree, but at the same time I regret setting a random age back when she was 5 because I didn’t know who she would be at 6 1/2.

Note to self.

And between you and me, I would rather she wore those little pierced earrings vs. the clip-ons now that she insists on wearing them everyday!

Help! Do I let her get them done? Do I say for her 7th birthday? Or do I stick to my original 9 year old rule? What do you think? 

If we do decide to get it done sooner than later, where do you suggest we go to get a girl’s ears pierced in OC?

I was reading some Yelp reviews and some things scared me.  I know many go to the mall, but I have actually heard a tattoo / piercing parlor is almost cleaner. Yikes.  What have you heard? I need info!

Thanks friends…


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