Angelique Ink Custom Calligraphy Stamps [Giveaway + Coupon Code!]

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I met Angi of Angelique Ink years ago when she came to work with me when I was a wedding coordinator and we became fast friends.

I remember getting her Christmas card that year and almost falling over. The outside was hand addressed to me in the most beautiful, unique calligraphy and her card, which she designed herself, was written in the same lovely script.

But it wasn’t just any calligraphy, it was definitely calligraphy with a little flare. Classically beautiful,with a touch of whimsy. I look forward to receiving Angi’s card every year just so I can oohhh and ahhhh over the envelope before I even open it!

Fast forward several years later and Angi contacted me to tell me she had launched her own paperie and calligraphy studio called Angelique Ink.  It made my heart soar knowing that others would now get to enjoy her special gift and talent.


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